Part 1: Using 4K video in Premiere Pro CS6 and CC

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So one of the obvious things that's going to be different in the current version...

..of CC and CS6 is that CC is likely to support new formats which have come

out since they stopped developing CS6 in particular I'm thinking of 4K.

We started using for a lot more I've been filming for over a year now with my little Panasonic GH4...

..there's lots of other 4K cameras around, what CS6 like at 4K?

So here I am in CS6 and I got some GH4 for footage here, which is funded 25 frames per second

Let's first of all make up a new sequence to put it on.

So file-new sequence and... ok first problem: where are the 4K presets?

It probably does it. Oh, there's something that says 4K there let's have a look at it..

Nope. There's nothing there which is actually the right size for my 4k footage.

These are RED 4K presets they aren't UHD presets.

They are not there simply because we weren't doing 4k when they stopped developing CS6.

Can I use it? Well first of all I can just double click on it and play it that works...

.. and my computer is managing to play that back. Let's put it up to full quality..

Yup, still managing to play that back. Looking fine. Let's take it and throw it on to a timeline..

This timeline is created with AVCHD settings - you know 1920 by 1080 -

so when I drop the 4k footage onto i,t it says "do you want a change the sequence to match the clip?".

Yep. I couldn't make a sequence in the first place so let's get Premiere to change it for me.

I come up to the sequence settings you can see here...

.. it's got me some settings in here and they're greyed out but if you look very closely..

...you can see it set the frame size to 3840 by 2160 which is the right size..