How to edit 4K in FCPX!

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hey guys what's going on so today I want

to go through a 4k workflow in Final Cut

Pro X now I'm assuming that you've

already worked with 1080p and an HD

workflow and now you're upgrading to a

4k workflow so I wanted to go through

that very quickly for you guys so what

you want to do is when you're in Final

Cut and you're going to import your

media earlier today I shot two clips of

violet playing catch so selecting these

two clips and when you come over here

you're going to leave the files in place

most likely they're going to be on

external hard drive for you leave them

in place also you want to make sure you

select create proxy media so select this

so create proxy media right there then

you select import selected and what it's

going to do now is Final Cut is actually

rewriting those files I come I can show