Edit 4K Videos FASTER on a SLOW Computer| Optimized Media | Davinci Resolve

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hey whazzup guys my name is Cameron

Gallagher and today I'm gonna show you

the optimized media workflow in DaVinci

Resolve 14 and 15 and how you can edit

your 4k video clips faster on your

laptop or not-so-hot machine so let's

get into it so one of the biggest trends

is that as we move towards 4k video and

things like raw and you know just these

massive files and codecs one of the

biggest problems is well I guess several

biggest problems is the ability to play

this back and edit it smoothly on any

machine now of course as things like

laptops get beefier it becomes slightly

easier but of course things like H dot

264 from the gh 5 are highly compressed

files that take up a lot of CPU power

and of course yes we have things like

GPUs we can plug in but a lot of the

times it's just too hard to get too much