Shooting and editing split-screen (multi-screen) cover song video at HOME

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Hey everybody!

I’m Connor, here with the Movavi Vlog: your go to channel for creating cool videos.

And today we have something very fun and exciting for musicians and vocalists!

Have you ever seen videos like these by Jacob Collier or Pomplamoose

and thought “woah…

I want to release a video like that by myself or with my band buuut…

I have no idea how to edit something like that!”?

Well, on today’s episode, we are going to dive headfirst into the basics of Multi Screen

Editing a video to your recorded music.

The first time I saw a video of Jacob Collier recording his jazzy renditions of classic

songs I was blown away.

Not just by his brilliant music theory, but also how cool it was that he showed himself

performing the song the whole way through in one frame.

For this episode the Movavi Vlog team’s prepared its own!

We’ve chosen to cover Attention by Charlie Puth.

His music video has gained 874 million views and this song and was charting on Billboard

for 40 straight weeks.

Our video is going to be an attempt to recreate this song with the materials we have!

Want to see how it turned out?

Keep watching and I promise to guide you through the whole process.

There are plenty of ways to accomplish a multi screen video like this but we are gonna show