How to Make a Picture Collage Using Google Photos

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what's up friends rich tomorrow here

rich on tech no doubt it is Mother's Day

so you're probably making or seeing a

lot of pictures like this on Facebook

you know these collages of various

pictures you put together into one

there's a lot of apps that can do this

but there's a super simple way you can

do this if you have google photos let me

show you how that process works it's

really easy okay so you've got your

pictures in here first thing you want to

do is go through and star the pictures

that you plan to include in your little

collage so if we're gonna include this

one we just go ahead and tap the little

star right there so once you have your

you know three four pictures all starred

you go over here to albums okay and

you're gonna look to your favorites so

there's your favorites and I've already