How to Edit .MOV files with Windows Movie Maker

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everybody it's kept under-23 here and

today I'm going to be talking about

codex more specifically windows movie

maker codex if you have a camera that

shoots in high definition

nine times out of ten it's either going

to be in a dot MOV or a dot MPEG file

possibly a dot mp4 but those are mostly

for iPhones but most of the time it's

going to be in a MOV now as you can see

it will appear as a QuickTime file you

can see the little QuickTime next to

that actually be quite an old version of

QuickTime installed it came with my

video a video editing program called

Adobe Premiere but it doesn't really

matter um as you can see the little

QuickTime it says item type QuickTime

movie um right there and if you use

Windows Movie Maker like I do to edit

your videos you can make very