How to RECORD a Nintendo 3DS WITHOUT a Capture Card! (Record Screen Gameplay Tutorial)

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Paige you welcome back to a brand new

video unfortunately no animal crossing

news this week so I'm going to be doing

something a little bit different I'm

going to answer the number one question

that you guys asked and that's how do I

record my 3ds without a capture card so

it's going to be a basic how-to tutorial

style video where I go through all the

steps I take to record my gameplay so if

like me you can't justify spending a lot

of money on a capture card you can see

how it's possible without one so event

further adieu let's get straight into

today's video this is a video I've

wanted to make for some time now because

for ages I myself couldn't find a good

way to record my 3ds so it was a case of

trial and error and solving one problem

at a time until I had a reasonable

working solution and seems you guys