How To Turn On/Off 3D Touch Or Customize The Sensitivity - iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus

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hey everyone welcome back this is Dan

from D H TV and today I'm going to be

showing you how to customize or disable

3d touch so what you want to do first is

open up the settings application and

navigate down to general tap on that and

then tap accessibility from this page

here we're going to scroll down and tap

3d touch right here now at the top we

have the 3d touch toggle which will turn

3d touch on or off so if you want to

disable 3d touch you can do so but

you'll lose all the 3d touch features

including live photos below that we have

the 3d touch sensitivity and this will

allow you to go from medium which is the

default to light or firm and you can

test that out down here now this is

where I think a lot of the problems lie

as for some people when it comes time to

delete apps you kind of give it a little