Editing STL files THE EASY WAY

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hello everyone so I just want to make

this tutorial on YouTube just because

when I was trying to find out how to add

an STL file from Thingiverse I found

that it really was really hard even to

put it like it a simple modification

like a whole or you know an extrusion or

anything it was just really really hard

to do I tried using SolidWorks Solid

Edge a bunch of different programs to

try and import STL files not none of

them would do it even if they did do it

the mesh wouldn't meet and it would have

all sorts of problems and then I found a

Tinkercad which amazingly has a feature

to import STL files so I can show you if

you look let's say we want to modify the

six-shooter right we want to I don't

know put some holes in here for some

attachment that we make right so I'm

going to download I already downloaded