Create Facebook 3D Photos in Photoshop!

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Today I'm going to show you how to create the popular 3D image post in Facebook using


Yes, you can turn your normal images or composites into 3D using the power of Photoshop and upload

it to Facebook right from your computer.

This feature is not any more restricted to the iPhone.

Today, we're going to turn this composite into 3D.

So, without any further ado, let's get started.

Back in the magical world of Photoshop, and if you want to go ahead and download this

complete composite in the form of PSD with every layer intact, check the link in the

description so that you can follow along.

So first of all, we have the composite ready, all we need to create is the Depth map.

So before we do anything awesome, let us understand what our Depth maps or what our maps for that


Maps give us information about a particular area, right?

Depth maps give us information about the depth of the image, or in other words, how far or

near the objects are.

And the way it does that is by using blacks and whites.

The further the object is the blacker it's going to be, the nearer the object is, the

whiter it's going to be.

Sometimes the color representation can be opposite, but the concept remains the same.

Let's say the car is very far, it's going to be very dark in the Depth map and in the