Create a 3D PDF Template

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hello this is William from visual

components in this video I'm gonna show

you how to create a 3d PDF template that

you can use for recording and playing

back simulations in a visual components

product to get started in the 3d all to

have a layout open which you can find in

our a catalog panel under demo layouts

it's the machine tanning demo layout

we're going to be using this layout for

testing our 3d PDF templates now I've

already made some for you which will

include in the link in the description

let's take a look at them now I am using

Adobe Acrobat Pro the first template you

see is the one that comes with a

software it's the visual components

template and you can see it has many

different form fields on it and these

form fields are used by the software to

populate the PDF when you record the