How to Reshape 3D Models in Photoshop CS6 Extended

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welcome back to PSD Tut's in this

tutorial we'll look at some interesting

ways to extrude twist taper and

otherwise to form 3d objects both by

dragging in the head-up display and by

tweaking the numbers we're going to

build a bolt from scratch using a

variety of techniques so let's get

started first of all we'll draw the

screw thread of the bolt till a switch

to our layers panel and make a new layer

and let's call this one thread to draw

this we'll use the elliptical marquee

tool make a circular selection and let's

fill this with a mid gray we could do

that by going to the swatches panel

choosing our gray and now we can press

alt backspace or option backspace on a

Mac to fill the selection with that

color and now we can deselect there's

our circle let's in the 3d panel make