How to Work with 3D Effects | Adobe Illustrator

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this is how to work with 3d in Adobe

Illustrator now adobe illustrator has a

lot of geometric shapes a lot of flat

objects sometimes you might want

something three-dimensional so the

easiest way to do that is and I want to

say easiest because it takes some

getting used to but it is simple to get

used to you

select your pen tool let's just freeform

draw shape we're going to click one

point here here here and here

now if we want to make this into a 3d

shape all we have to do is go to effect

in our menu 3d and we can go to extrude

and bevel now when we do this right now

it looks flat not much you can see but

we're going to turn our previews on so

we can take a look at everything and

when we click that you notice that you