How To EDIT 360 Videos in iMovie - it WORKS!

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hey guys everything new one of the Sun

I'm gonna show you today how to edit a

360 video in iMovie now there's lots of

conflicting information does it work

does it not work I will tell you that it

worked for me and I will tell you how it

worked so I have a eBay 360 camera

there's no brand name on it but it's got

a lens on each side it takes 360-degree

video as you can see in this sample clip

that I have in iMovie and so it is full

360-degree video it is stretched out

obviously it's not the case when with

the gear 360 for example it will have

basically two circles in the preview

screen there meaning that you have to

stitch the videos together the camera

that I have stitches the video together

into at least in this view a flat image

and then when you upload to YouTube it

will be 360 now here are the various