Edit 360 Video in Final Cut Pro - FCPX Tutorial

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Hey guys, whats up.

This is Serge, and today,

we’ll take a look at editing

360 video in Final Cut Pro.

If you have a camera capable of recording 360 video,

such as the GoPro Fusion, Insta OneX,

or another 360 camera,

after stitching your footage together,

you can import it directly into Final Cut Pro,

and create your own 360 or Virtual Reality video.

After your 360 video has been stitched together,

import it into Final Cut Pro,

just like you would a normal clip.

Next, create a new project,

and set the video format to 360.

If you addd your 360 video into your timeline,

this is what it’s going to look like.

Not the result we want.

I’ll press command Z to undo that.

Before adding your video to your project timeline,

first have to specify the projection mode.