How to Edit 360 Degree Photos in Photoshop and Lightroom - Photography for Real Estate

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After the video about 360 degrees photoshoot I got many questions from

people asking how I edit the 360 degrees photos, so I thought I make a

short video about how I edit those photos. Maybe there are other ways to do

it, but this is my workflow and it goes rather quickly. I already opened two

photos in Photoshop. I work with Photoshop and Lightroom. First I do

everything in Photoshop. Then I export the photo and import the photo in Lightroom again

and from there I continue. So, let me show you. Here's the photo in

Photoshop and you see it's a 360 degrees photo and the first thing I do is I

click on 3D, Spherical Panorama, New Panorama Layar from Selected Layer. Click on that

and then there is your 360 degrees photo. You can just move it around however you want.

Sometimes you see in a 360 degree photo

a small dot. Here a red dot and I'm taking that out.

So I take the spot healing and it's gone. Now we go to the tripod and you see the

tripod has a shadow as well, so we have to take out both.


and it's gone. Here as well, the tripod.

A little bit more and that's it. In grass it's pretty easy. And then you

go to 3D, Spherical Panorama, Export Panorama and you choose name and

export it. That's easy. Another example. A bathroom it's bit

trickier you see it's a bit yellow, but I won't change the colours here in

Photoshop I do it in Lightroom. So again: 3D, Spherical Panorama, New Panorama...