Edit 360 Degree Panoramic Images in Photoshop CC

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hello my name is Russell Preston Brown

from Adobe Systems and in this tutorial

I'm going to discuss my favorite new

feature found here inside of the new

version of Adobe Photoshop CC this new

feature is all about editing 360 degree

panoramic images here inside of


for example I've taken this photograph

you see here of the Adobe corporate

headquarters in San Jose with a Ricoh

theta V camera I can then bring it into

Photoshop and enter into this 3d

workspace and I can use all of the

painting tools here on the image in this

3d workspace to correct the image wow

this is a great new feature

let me demonstrate how this works let's

go back to my original theta image right

here I can now go up here to my 3d menu

right here and I'm going to go right