Make Your 360 Photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial

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I have so much I should be doing right now. I have a content list this long, and

this long. Yet, just then, I had the idea. "Hey, let's make another video that I

hadn't planned. Just spur-of-the-moment, spontaneous Photoshop tutorial.

Because I've been working with a lot of 360 photos lately. I thought it'd be

really handy for you guys to learn the best 360 photo editing tips inside of

Adobe Premiere CC 2018, that will save you a ton of time. So let's get into it

right now. Traditionally, when you edit 360 photos inside of Photoshop, that

produce all kinds of errors when editing the stretched-out

equirectangular 2:1 photo, and that is bad. So there's a way of editing

your photos that will make your changes look native within that 360 environment,

and it doesn't take long at all. So I've opened up a raw photo from the Mi

Sphere here inside of Photoshop, and here's what it looks like. It's looking

flat. But, just you wait, I'm gonna edit this in Adobe camera raw and really

bring out its potential. This is one massive benefit of shooting raw. You can

really retain your highlights nicely, get your shadows looking how they should be,

and get a really well-balanced image that couldn't have been possible when

shooting in normal JPEG mode. Alright that is looking so good. So I'm gonna go

ahead and open image now, which is going to open in the main Photoshop window. So

we see the changes have been made, and that dynamic range is looking so good. So

to view this photo in 360 mode, you'll want to go up to 3D and choose the

spherical panorama option and new panorama layer from selected layer. This