How I Edit Film Photos in Lightroom - Medium Format & 35mm Film

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hey what's going on guys welcome to this video where i'm going to be sharing my

process when i'm editing my film photos using

adobe lightroom now my workflow is nothing revolutionary but these are just

a few small adjustments that i tend to always make to my own

images so i thought it'd be a good idea for me to share these without

that it might help some of you out so i'm going to try and keep it as

non-technical as possible that way if you have no experience in

lightroom you can hopefully follow along with what i'm saying so in this video i

will be editing a few medium format scans

and a few 35mm scans as well just to show you how

my editing process can cover pretty much all situations

ever since i've been shooting film i've been going to a lot of different labs

and each lab i've found is a different way of scanning so whether they're using

a noritsu a fuji frontier or even a flextight

those scanners are always going to have a

different look so it's really hard to balance your images out

if you're just going to go up the lab scan so for me i always think it's a

good idea to edit my film that way my film looks consistent and

doesn't matter what lab i go to i can always get the desired look in

post-production but in saying that personally i don't like to over edit too

much as most of the time i am using like a jpeg red scan so i