How To Resize Photos With a Shortcut On Your iPhone Or iPad

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Hi this is Gary with MacMost.com.

Today let me show you how to create a shortcut for your iPhone or iPad that will let you

resize photos.

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So this is a situation that a lot of iPhone and iPad users come across all the time.

They need to upload a photo to a website but the website won't accept a full size image.

The file is just too big.

Now on a Mac you could just resize the photo by exporting it out of the photos app or using

any number of other apps to resize it.

You could do the same on your iPhone or iPad by getting another app, bringing in the photo,

resizing it, and saving it out.

But you could also create a shortcut to do this for you very easily.

So let's create the shortcut by going to the Shortcut app.

Then I'm going to hit the Plus button at the top to create a new shortcut.

I'm going to hit the three dots button there and I can name it.

So let's name this one Resize Photo.

I'm going to remove Show in Widget because I don't need to see it here in the shortcuts


But I do want it to be in the Share Sheet so that I can hit the Share button when I'm