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I was just I'm bad at speaking out a

woman come around remember all this

business hour we were smoking pounds

that [ __ ] was dandy she gotta know me

now it's funny how they choke up on me

when I'm not around see on my back it is

it's foggy gotta watch my life thinking

twice when I step out the crib a Walmart

life what is going on YouTube it's going

to say got a very special video for

y'all today I'm gonna be coming at you

with how to change your name for your my

player on NBA 2k 20 whether you made a

bad name or maybe you didn't even make a

name and it just chose a random name for

you I don't know what happens if you

don't make a name but if you want to

change your name you came to the right

place I'm gonna show you with simple

step so we've shown how to do that I

just want to thank you guys for the love