NBA 2K20 | Edit Lineup For Your Custom Roster & Created Player In My League

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welcome YouTube world I'm gonna show you

how I got to have my created player and

my custom roster in my league to

actually show up on the starting line

and basically it's how to edit your

lineup so the first thing we're gonna

want to do really quick assuming you've

already created your roster you've

already created your player not your my

player for the VC and all that stuff

there we're talking about the one that

you just create normally not the one

that you have in my career there and

some people are asking about that so

what you want to do is the following

first of all I'm going to go backwards

I'm gonna quickly jump into my league

and I'm gonna show you what it looks

like so the newest one was this one yeah

so I'm gonna I'm just gonna kind of go

backwards because I just want to get