2go star progress cheat

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hi my name is George and I'll teach you

how to change it to go stop progress

from your Preet your presence one to any

other way like you can play around with

it we'll be using the SQLite editor I'm

you click on your to go then chats

database then go to user profile yeah

this complete info here yeah copy it in

for your should go so we can just go

straight to the style level you did

field and change it thing yeah record

updated you go back yeah your network

should be up not time to do this you go

you have to do

yeah no network no problem go to your

profile and check it out

black diamond see can check your to go

stats if you need the diamond Robbie you

can go back and change it to any type of

work let's try it out yeah yeah diamond

stop progress it's worth like damage so