"Enablement of 26QB (Form related TDS on sale of property) correction facility"

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in this part of income tax updates we

will discuss enable meant of 26 QV form

related TDS on sale of property

correction facility and role of TDS

officers dated April 2nd 2016 quality

for correction of form 26 QV has been

made available online from 29th of

February 2016 to the deductr spires

hence the buyer whose pan exists in form

26 QV can log into WWE DSC PC Govan and

make the correction request for the

following fields 1 yield which can be


buyers pan when buyers pinaka 1111 a is

to be changed to pen 1111 v with digital

signature once request is raised by

prior with digital signature aap a 1111

a the same will be pushed to the seller

and the new buyer BBB PB 1111 B as soon

as both of them approve the pen will be

updated without digital signature once