How To Shoot, Organize, and Edit Slow Motion Video | Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

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what is up guys today we're talking

about how to make a slow-motion video in

Premiere Pro let's go


whoa look who we have here today

Chris Nicholas is in a tutorial video

cuz I always use it or else by myself

because Chris is super busy at work but

today I needed a subject so I thought

why not get the man himself who was

actually a legitimate model fun fact

Chris was actually in the International

aldo shoes campaign in what 2015

actually I had a body double they

wouldn't put my feet in it then just put

my face in it those are my feet so I'm

gonna get him tomorrow for me and give

me some of that tasty choreography let's

work it oh weak alright let's talk

about how to get slow-motion video this

video that you're seeing right now is