UPDATED How To Mix Songs on iPhone (for quinces)

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hi guys today I'm going to be doing an

updated version of one of my previous

videos that I made like a few years ago

I still get lots of comments on that

video just questions and stuff so I

wanted to make an updated version

because I did find an easier way to do

it so what I'm gonna be showing you guys

is how to make a remix on your iPhone

all of the apps are free I only know how

to do it on iPhones because I have an

iPhone like this I also get lots of

emails asking if I can make personal

remixes for you guys and I can like

there's no reason I can't but it is a

service so you know services come with

prices obviously I'm not gonna charge

you a lot because like Hello

I'm not a professional but you know it

will take my time so you know um but

this is free so you can use this