16mm & 35mm Film in the Cutting Room.

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this is a 16 milled steamed back brewing

machine on this machine you can view

separate picture and separate sound and

combined optical sound and combined

magnetic sound

so now I'm going to lace the steam bit

with a 16 mil print and sound and first

of all this is the print just and notice

that the print has perforations along

the bottom edge and we have sprockets

which go into these perforations this is

a fairly simple operation with the print

we look machine runs through onto a core

on the other side so now we're ready to

run print through to the gate

and the gate is a cross symbol

and there it is so I'm going to put a

brake on that and hold that there

and now we'll get the sound slightly

more complicated operation more rollers

and there is a sound head that has you