How-To Create Slow Motion Video Using 1080/120p In Final Cut Pro

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how's it going it's Jay from Sony Alpha

lab and in this really quick video I'm

gonna show you how to take your 120 P

video footage and then use that footage

to create slow-motion video in Final Cut

Pro I've gotten this question many times

on how I slow the footage down speed it

back up and so forth and I'm just going

to show you how that works when you

record in 120 P on your Sony camera it

doesn't playback in slow-motion

automatically and you know a lot of

people you know understandably think

that that might be how it works but it

doesn't work that way you actually

record your video footage in 120 P and

then you can slow that footage down in

post-processing using a program like

Final Cut Pro so let me just show you

how to do that really quick and this is

going to be a quick video guys so notice