Quick Tutorial - Editing Tables and Data in SQL Server 2016

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all right I want to show you how to work

with tables in SQL Server management

studio I want to show you how to alter

the structure of the table and also how

to work with the data that's in the

table so most of this is done over here

on the left and object Explorer so I'm

going to expand the databases spot find

the database you want to work with and

it's called car dealer expand that and

then expand where it says tables and

then you can sort of find what tables

are in there look at the structure look

at the data etc so first I want to deal

with the structure the fields how the

table is designed so I've got a table

here called cars so I'm going to right

click on it and if you want to see what

it looks like or change it I'm going to

choose design so this table has five

fields in it so from here I could rename