How to EDIT 10 BIT 422 FOOTAGE in Davinci Resolve (free version)

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hello and welcome back to the channel so

in this video I'm gonna show you how you

can use your 10 bit for two to footage

from the Panasonic Lumix G 9 and use

that in the free version of DaVinci

Resolve now the problem is that there's

two versions of resolve

you've got the studio which is the paid

full version and the free version which

I'm using here now in the free version

it won't recognize your Panasonic Lumix

G 910 bit for to two files what it will

actually do is if you click on the

footage and bring it in it just

recognizes it as an audio file and

obviously we can't work with a video

that is just too composed of audio so

what we need to do is go to HD

cinematics calm and click on the enter

here it will take you to this screen and

you want to click on download v6 and as