How to extract .001 files

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hey what's up YouTube this is electric

gamer 100 now this is another video and

I'm going to show you here today how how

to extract zero zero one zero zero two

zero zero three file now as you see I

have zero zero one zero two three four

whatever it might have files now I just

found right there now this is a game

that I have called Cities XL I already

have it installed but you know I'm going

to tell you how to extract it some

people don't know okay so what you need

to do is you need to go to internet and

it download a program called 7-zip this

is the only program that actually does

it you can do with WinRAR toriel's on

youtube about that but you know I like

using this program this program is good

so you click download for whichever one

you have see 32-bit or 64-bit you click

download how do you have it installed so