C++ Header Files

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let's go somewhere fun today alright

let's try something new

hey what's up guys my name is Luciano

welcome back to my C++ series so today

head of files and we're actually we're

actually out started off is a great day

then it started raining but I decided to

get out of town because so we're here

somewhere in Australia then we're going

to be talking about C++ hope you guys

don't start to think that header files

are so boring that I felt the need to

just get out of town to cover them

that's just what I just felt like doing

alright so header files what are they

why do we need them why do they even

exist in C++ a lot of other languages

that you might have been used to like

Java or C sharp they don't actually have

header files or any kind of concept of

of two different file types where we