7 Passive Income Ideas - How I Earn $700 A Day!

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okay perfect

hey guys so today i'm sharing with you

my seven sources of passive income but


let me take you back and tell you how i

got here so i was jobless in the first

half of 2019

i was working roughly 12 hours per day

six days a week sleeping maybe four of

those days

counting up to roughly 288 hours per

month of work

and averaging that out i was earning

three dollars and

47 cents per hour and with that money i

had to pay for my food

my rent and that's all i could afford

i can tell you i don't have money but

what i do have

are a very particular set of skills

survival that was the skill

hopefully you guys find this video very

helpful i'm going to give you an inside

look into my finances my growth on


where you guys can see i just started

this january i don't know if i've made

it i'll let you be the judge of that

but none of these sources of passive

income would be here if i didn't conquer

my fears

one day and one fear at a time let's



say something something so how are you

enjoying hawaii

i love it i'm freaking out every day

you're interviewing me so i'm looking at

you this feels like cast

sorry about that i don't know what that

was but let's just begin with my

favorite source of passive income and

that is

dividend growth investing now if you

guys don't know what that is

it's basically i get paid for owning

certain types of companies that are

called blue chip stocks

these are companies that include walmart

disney coca-cola

apple you name it really mature

companies that are generating so much


that they're like guys we don't know

what to do with all this money thank you


here you go and they just pay me back

for just owning now i don't have to sell

any of these stocks i just collect them

on a monthly quarterly or whatever it is

now again it's my favorite way of

investing but the downside

is that you actually need quite a lot of

money to make any significant source of

income which is great for me because it

encourages me

to save as much of my money and then

invest it rather than spending it on

things i don't need

so that's why i love it but for the

month of october

i actually got paid 437.94

from 21 of the 100 companies that i own

and again some of them pay me monthly

some of them pay quarterly

and if you do want to start this kind of

investing don't chase the dividend yield

as it's called

don't chase the monthly factor it's like

saying would you rather get paid

100 once per year or split

two times or 12 times whatever it is it

doesn't matter because the total amount

will still be the same no matter how

many different ways it gets split up

because sometimes people ask me like

andre tell me some monthly dividend

paying stocks but it's not actually

going to pay you more

it's just going to pay you put out

different ways hope that makes sense and

i'm tracking all of these 100 stocks

through my google spreadsheets

otherwise there is no way that i'm going

to be able to keep track of it it tells

me all of my schedules all of my


and everything i need to know and i'm

getting the same stock market data


as the ones that robinhood and all these

other major brokerages are using as well

so for example i know that out of that

437 dollars

i know that 20 of it is coming from the

real estate sector

and another 15.8 percent is coming from

the consumer staples industry and if you

guys are not familiar with what that is

that's an industry where it's always

going to have similar and or growing

demand based upon the population

so people are always going to need to

buy food water shampoo

cigarettes toilet paper which is always

embarrassing to buy and check out i

can't be the only one so consumer


is that sort of stuff and if you guys

want to use the same google spreadsheets

that i'm using

you can find mine on my patreon but it

is behind a paywall i apologize

otherwise i would just go broke paying

for it by myself the number two source

of passive income that i really enjoy

is royalties now this one is pretty rare

most people don't have this as a source

of passive income but

anyone can have it if you're not

familiar with what royalties are

royalties are something that i get paid

as an artist

from a percent of a gross sales on a

product that another company has

produced for me which sounds really

really complicated but it's really


it's how your favorite music artists get

paid when they pitch a song to

a record label company they'll come

along they'll produce this song

and put it up on itunes or wherever it

is spotify and then they'll pay the


a certain percent of the sales of this

song now for most people including


i'm not a singer or a songwriter so my

royalties are coming from

course sales which are going to be the

truth for most people now for me i

actually taught people how to do

cardistry which is

this crazy art form of how to shuffle

cards and i've been having this source

of passive income since i was like 19

years old

and i've been generating at least 100

every single month so for last month

i actually made 113 dollars

selling this product my third source of

passive income is you smashing

that like button seriously it helps my

channel out a lot but it's actually

amazon links now for some people

this source of income is absolutely huge

if you're somebody who likes to

buy things and then review them you can

make your own youtube channel where you

review these products and if people like


they can click your link below each

video that you make and if they buy said

product you will make a small

tiny percent of each sale but if you

wanted to make money with amazon links i

encourage you to instead of doing the

links for products if you don't want to

do product reviews

to instead do their bounty program which

is what i'm doing

so in the description below this video

and all my other videos

i'll leave a link to audible where if

you sign up and you click that link

you'll get two free audio books from

amazon and for whatever reason

that one generates a lot more income

than if i didn't do it so before i

did this i was making maybe 30 dollars

per month on amazon

because again i'm a financial education

channel i don't do physical product


but then when i started doing this i

started to make

yeah i wish no it was not that much it

was not 1478. that's how much people


clicking my link but i only made 146

dollars and 30 cents which to me

is great and i'm really grateful for

that because that's how much money i


i would be making my first year on

youtube anyway my fourth stream of

passive income is from selling products

on shopify now these are actually

products that i made myself with my


where we did a kickstarter campaign

earlier last year where we were selling

playing cards which is super cool

and for my share in the last month of

october i made 978 dollars now

this is nice money but it's not money

i'm actually spending or buying anything

with i'm not paying my rent with it it's

held in a joint account

where we're accumulating money and then

reinvesting it to create more products

my fifth source of passive income is

through affiliate links

and this is where i will leave a link

below each video to let's say a

brokerage that i'm using like weeble

where if you fund your account 100 you

will get a free stock valued at up to 1

000 and i prefer doing that a lot more


paid sponsored videos if you guys don't

already know paid sponsored videos are a

huge source of income for a lot of


i think i can reasonably make one to

even a couple extra

thousand dollars every single month by

promoting or advertising another company

but so far i've never done a paid or a

sponsored video

but lord knows i could have used that

money so much

in the first half of this year when i

wasn't getting paid anything and

right now i'm getting at least one to

two emails a day asking me to promote


product some service or whatever it is

and usually i would rather prefer to

advertise myself for my products or my

services which is my patreon or

just to support my work i prefer doing

that or leaving an affiliate link where

at least you guys will make some

profit and some benefit out of it and i

will make a little bit of money too but

for the last month of october i


3 591 dollars which is

insane like just saying that out loud

it's crazy

that's a lot of money to me my sixth

stream of passive income is through my

patreon page and i'm

so grateful and so thankful for this one

because to me it's like gold

as a content creator on youtube i will

only be eligible to be paid

if i've met the 100 threshold and i'll

only get paid once on the 20th of each

month which is

such a weird time of the month to get

paid in contrast with patreon where i

will get paid

once on the first of each month which

makes a lot more sense because that's

actually when all of my bills are due so

as a content creator you can use patreon

to thank your community

make more content for them or give

exclusive sneak peek and early access

to your videos i went into a slightly

different direction where

i'm using that money to reinvest it into

creating tools

where we as investors can use to get

immediate value out of

and i'm also providing financial

transparency by sharing with you

exactly when i'm buying and selling my

stocks so to me

that's really important and i'm sure i

can make a lot more money but i don't

want to stretch myself

out so thin to where i'm over promising

and under delivering

because i value my time but the older i

get the more i'm reminded

just how short life is and whatever time

i have left

i would rather give it to the people

that i love spending with the most

and yeah money is nice but it's not

everything even though it is tempting to

take this money and just

buy stocks which buys me my time but for

the month of october

and i can't believe i'm saying this out

loud because it feels like a dream

i made 4092 dollars

which is insane i'm so grateful for that

but a large majority of that does go to

the stock market data provider so i feel

really good about that because i'm using

your guys's money to create tools that

we all use and get immediate value out


so it's really tempting to use this

money to pay it for my own stuff

but i'd just rather give it back in the

form of these tools my seventh stream of

passive income which is consequently the

least passive of all of them is the one

i'm sure you guys have all been waiting

for and that is my ad revenue

now when i started my youtube channel i

did not know that financial education

channels have some of the highest ad


in the entire industry and that's

because you the one who's watching

right now probably have the education

and the job

and the disposable income to spend on

things that banks

credit cards brokerages they all want

access to

they want you that is why you are so

valuable to them and that is precisely

why i'm so picky

and so selective with what i talk about

because the last thing i want to become

is a mouthpiece for those corporations

or just be one of those people and

youtubers who just gives you timeshare


because sometimes i'll watch a video and

then halfway through i'll realize

oh this person doesn't really care about

educating me on how to build my credit


they just want me to sign up to this

credit card because they'll get a

certain percent of money

and they don't even have this credit

card that's the thing i don't want and

even for me

this video is very uncharacteristic

because i've advertised so much of my

myself my patreon my products my

affiliate links like i never

do this this is the most advertisy that

i've ever been

and maybe i'm naive but when i started

my youtube channel i was just

i bought every course and everything

that i could think of to grow my channel

and to

make money off of it and the one advice

that was so

prevalent is well there's two of them

one of them was batch your content which

is to shoot like five videos in one day

and the second terrible poor advice that

i've ever seen is

you need to plan ahead and you need to

have a goal maybe that's just me being

naive but when i started my youtube

channel i had

zero goals zero things in mind i just


talking about finance i love making

stupid cinematic videos where

why am i shooting in 4k on a sony a7 3

with a g master lens why do i drone like

why does a financial education channel

need all these things like i don't but i

get so much enjoyment out of making

these videos that i i make

like a day before you see them or two

days because i'll spend so much time on


and that to me is what's enjoyable like

i don't want to become that person who's

just giving you timeshare presentations

and trying to sell you on things so

again this is the least form of passive

income and most of this money by the way

came from videos that i've done in the

past rather than videos that i'm putting

out today it's like all these

couple hundred dollar videos they're

adding up just like dividends so

in the last month of october and this

has only started happening to my channel

like two or three months ago

12 671.79

that does not sound real to me so as you

guys can see right here this is my

october if i go to october

there it is twelve thousand six hundred

sixty one dollars and ninety four cents

for the ad

revenue rate so this is not fake in case

anybody is gonna fake

i've had mostly about averaging four 400


the highest these two peaks were close

to 850 dollars

per day and all in all 12 661

i'm just gonna assume that this is never

gonna happen again

so i'm cherishing and saving every

single dollar that i get

all together and i can't believe i'm

saying this out loud in the last month

of october i've made

20 939 dollars

and three cents i'm overwhelmed i'm in

awe and i'm upset

because that's 61 shy of 21 000

i'm kidding i'm not that much of a

douchebag that is a lot of money

but i'm upset because i've spent nearly

10 years of my life

working and providing value for one

entity and one person

to give them value and build their

company that i never even came close and


here i am with my first year on youtube

making an obscene amount of money that

it isn't fair

and if it's one thing i've learned is

that providing value for

others rather than one person is going

to be

far more lucrative for you in the future

and so maybe you're spending a lot of


whether it's in a relationship a job or

a career and whatever it is you're doing

just remember that

time could be costing you your greater

potential and i'm

so happy that i never made my 100

000 per year goal of making that much

money in one year before 30. that was

my unicorn salary that i never received

in my life and i'm glad i didn't because

if i did i probably would have stayed

and i would have never

done this and i would never be on this

video in front of you and so i'm really

grateful and thankful that all of this

is happening so i think for me

2020 is going to be a very interesting

year but guys love each and every single

one of you i am in hawaii it's amazing

you can't see the view here it's on the

other side here look at this


just what i don't believe it i don't

believe it