5 Crypto Passive Income Strategies - How I Earn $5000+ A Month

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what is up everyone today i'm going to

bring you one of the most practical

informative videos that i have ever done

on this channel that is going to share

exactly what i'm doing right now to earn

way more than the average salary

passively through

crypto crypto has presented some new

opportunities for passive income that we

haven't seen the likes of ever before

like in my life i didn't think it'd ever

be this easy

but for a myriad of reasons the

opportunity is here now it's not going

to last forever and you need to

capitalize on it before it runs out

now for the disclaimer there are huge

amounts of risks involved in

cryptocurrency and absolutely everything

you do

in any instance where you give your

money to a company you could lose

absolutely everything none of what i say

is financial advice this is all just

entertainment and fun and also not a

single one of these strategies

are going to work unless you smash that

like button it's

it's proven and true you will lose every

penny you invest in

any market or venture you ever do unless

you stop the video right now

smash that like button and then continue

it so we can build wealth together


the average bank account right now is

going to be netting you about

0.01 interest a year

throw inflation on top of that and your

money is melting

away you are literally losing money by

putting it in a bank account people

think hey

i don't want to do risky stuff i don't

want to invest so they just put all

their money in cash in a bank account

but they don't realize that because of


what you're actually doing is investing

in a guaranteed

loss all you need to do is take out a

little bit of time to educate yourself

on a variety of different assets that

you can invest in

and then you can actually take on a very

low amount of risk and just outperform


and now with crypto we've got

opportunities to earn

anywhere from 10 to 100 percent

returns now it took me far too long to

get into this when i first heard that

i thought this sounds a bit scary a bit

risky because risk and reward are always

correlated and that has been something

i've always found to be true however


is another element to this there are

other reasons why right now you can

actually earn a lot more money in crypto

than you can

anywhere else remember when credit cards

first came out

i don't know about you guys but i was

trying to get myself a world of warcraft


and i my parents would not let me

because they didn't want to give their

card details

to some online website out of fear that

everything was going to get

stolen or taken away from them even

though it was a big reputable company

now that's an example of uh people

taking time to get comfortable with new


now take a look at what we've got with

crypto which is even more complicated

that i who've been here for four years

still took a little bit of time to get

used to and comfortable with d5 so how

is the average person going to get

comfortable with this

but d5 isn't the only option we've got a

lot of easy ones as well

but that barrier to entry that barrier

to getting comfortable

is one of the reasons there's a lot of

opportunity here right now

but it's not going to last forever so

you need to act fast

and then the next thing is there's so

many different options no one knows

what's good

where they should invest what the risks

are how it works but don't worry i'm

going to break

everything down for you so you

understand and can move forward a lot

more comfortably

even though the decision is yours and

none of this is financial advice

remember you can lose

everything in these and make sure to

stick around till the end of the video

where i show you the platforms that i

personally put my money in to generate

passive income

every single month now there are two

types of platforms that you need to be

aware of there are centralized ones and

decentralized ones

and when you put your money into a

centralized platform like

celsius block fi um ftx uh

crypto.com a whole bunch of others we'll

cover them in detail later

you are putting your trust in the

company you're giving them your money

you're hoping they don't get hacked

you're hoping they don't randomly change

their interest rates go bankrupt or a

whole bunch of other stuff that could go


so your faith is going into that company

now there's two more things you need to

bear in mind about centralized platforms

you're going to have to kyc so no tax

dodging even though no one should be

doing that anyway

and also a lot of these platforms aren't

properly insured

they don't have fdic insurance which is

just the standard

they have their own separate forms some

of them better than others so you need

to research and look into that to see if

you're comfortable with

uh whatever they offer and next we have

decentralized platforms this is where

the returns go through the roof but so

do the risks

because now you're not putting your

trust in a company although there are

companies behind these products

you're more so putting your trust in

mathematics and the code behind these


so if there's an error in the code that

can be exploited and you can

lose a whole bunch of money also a lot

of these companies

especially the ones with insane rates i

haven't been audited

and have an anonymous team behind them

so it's

even more risky all sorts of stuff can

happen in those circumstances

which is why i tend to go for projects

that have been properly

audited so now we're going to talk about

the specific platforms that i

like to use before we do that if you

want to earn even more passive income

at no cost whatsoever guys i'm going to

leave a link to my telegram in the

description below

join my telegram and then look at the

pin post the pin post is going to

explain how you can potentially get

your ftx account funded five hundred

dollars every single month

uh which is pretty cool awesome

opportunity i'm also going to try to

scale that up to maybe 5000 by the end

of the year we'll see

but if you want a chance where it costs

you nothing and you get to join a

telegram with lots of free information

make sure to check that out link in the

description below

now let's dive into my favorite

platforms platform number one is ftx i

absolutely love to earn passive income

here the thing is

most people don't know you can earn

passive income on ftx because this is an

exchange they think it's where you trade

but actually you can lend your money to


margin traders and get a really really

solid return

that's sometimes as high as 100 percent

a year let me show you the platform in

action so you guys can see that on this

platform right now and this is one of a

few accounts i have

i've got about 42k yeah that's about 42k

over there 42k and you can see over here

that it's earning 30

interest a year right now so 42k

30 interest that's 12 600

a year for doing absolutely nothing but

holding some stable coins on ftx

and that's here i've actually got a few

more of these that

are earning quite a significant amount

more as well

what i love fdx for are stable coin

returns what i

don't like them for are their um crypto

returns because you can see

bitcoin 0.88 a year not very good

ethereum 1.9 percent a year also

not very good so fantastic for stable

coins but i don't use it for much else

so here you guys can see crypto.com

where i've also deposited some funds to

earn interest on and actually another


platform for it remember guys actually

use these things i preach right now

so i'm using the crypto earn feature and

you can see over here

that you can get up to 12 a year

on some stable coins which really isn't

too bad uh

i just keep that there because i like to

keep a small amount on crypto.com

then i've also got where what i find a

lot more attractive which is

three month lock-in 6.5 a year on

bitcoin so they're great for that 6.5

a year on bitcoin similarly for a lot of

other altcoins they've got great rates

also 12 is not bad for stable coins uh

what i've showed you guys with ftx not

many people know about it's quite

rare to get those sorts of returns on

stable coins so

the downsides to crypto.com free month

lockup so whatever money you put in you

have to lock up for three months which

for a lot of people

isn't an option and also if the market

crashes if it goes down

you can't really sell any bitcoin or

make any

decisions around it for that three month

period of time also you have to own

5 000 crow so you've got an additional

amount of currency risk because you need

to buy their native

assets but if you can do that it is a

fantastic option for earning returns


so fdx and crypto.com are the main ones

which i absolutely love

because you've got your stable goings

covered and you've got your bitcoin

covered now i'm going to list off a few

more which you guys may find

advantageous to check

out but at the very least from this

video fdx and crypto.com

are my top places to go to for beginners

because it's easy

it's friendly you start off straight

away both of them are very reputable

large companies

uh which i can put a lot more trust into

even though i know it's still not 100


so the other platforms you may want to

check out let's start with nexo nexo are

fantastic because they offer an option

for fiat holdings so if you've got fiat

holdings and you want to earn a lot more

money than traditional bank will give


check out nexo really great option for

it downsides are again

it does have its own native token which

you can use to increase your returns but

even without that it's a very good

option for fiat holdings

now we're going to dive into a bit of


so yearn.finance is the best place to go

to for

altcoins it's not the most complicated

platform next we have

badger.finance and i know the name

sounds stupid but it's a great

place to earn passive wbtc income now if

you don't know what wbtc is

i think that's a topic for another video

i'll break down exactly what it is how

to get it and how to get your btc onto


platforms and then finally we have

rari.capital which is the best place for

stable coin passive incomes i'll have

links to every single website and

platform that i've linked listed in the

description below so

that is actually everything from me

we've covered a lot of information in

this video

and i hope it can push you in the right

direction to get started with the crypto

passive income

now i'm considering making a part two to

this video just so you can see me walk

you through the process

and be a little bit more comfortable

doing it yourselves

if there's demand for it let me know in

the comments below

okay i need a part two and i will make

sure to bring that your way

put it together to help you all start

earning passive income

if you've made it to the end of the

video thank you i appreciate you i hope

this is going to help you on your

journey to build

wealth and i think it tangibly will help

a hell of a lot of people

that is everything from me until next