How To Make $4000 Plus Per Month From Google | UNDERGROUND METHOD

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oh my gosh there's so much money coming

from this underground Google method that

I'm about to go over this is crazy I've

never shown this to anybody before this

is one of the most powerful things you

can do now I'm gonna show you an

underground method to get ranked on

Google costing no money requiring you to

have no website no domain still get

ranked on Google and you can make up to

$4,000 per month with this method now

get ready get prepared if you are ready

to make some Google money first off type

in Google money in the comments below

but this is how this works

scarily well and you'll be able to make

some really fat commissions doing this

so let's head over to my computer I'm

going to show this to you step by step

we're going to be going over four steps

picking your keyword getting your links

creating the content then we're gonna

get ranked on Google and then uploading

that content to the internet then it's

just about watching making the money so

let's get into this guy's get ready I

want to see those Google money's typed

in the comments if you are committed to

do this we're gonna go on my computer in

just a second right there and go over

this method let's get it


now once again we're going through an

underground Google SEO method you can

make up to four thousand months doing

this you can do this any country in the

world any age I don't care if you're 13

years old I don't care if you're 4 years

old we're gonna go over these four

things we're gonna pick a keyword we're

gonna get our links we're gonna create

the content that we're gonna get ranked

then we're gonna upload it so the first

thing we want to do is we want to pick a

keyword so to pick a keyword what the

type of keywords we're gonna be looking

for or college keywords so you want to

look for different colleges so you know

it could be a simple ass you know typing

in you know colleges in let's say Idaho

okay or let's say colleges in Ohio and

we search colleges in Ohio and we see we

get a ton of University results here but

let's say Bowling Green State University

let's just check it out okay Bowling

Green State University we see they're

ranked then it's just some random other

stuff so this is a great keyword that's

fairly specific let's go after this one

so let's get it now the next step of

this method we're going to get affiliate

links because you don't want to spend

time having a product and having a buy a

product you don't want to have to spend

money you don't want to have to post it

on a Shopify store an Amazon store you

set up a support number you're gonna

have to set up a business address you're

gonna have to rent an office so you have

a business address store appeal box

you don't want to have to do freaking

consulting to fulfill these services

you'd want to start your own social

media agency then you have to start

talking to customers and you have to do

sales and you have to do prospecting you

just want to simply tap some stuff on

your computer make money and then be

done with it now the way these

Commission's will be sent to you is one

of two ways one way is if you have an

address it will be sent via check to

your address the second way is it will

be sent via wire transfer direct deposit

to your bank account now I'm going to

show you a number of different affiliate

networks that you can join to get links

to use to make money from this method so

that's an essential part I'm not just

trying to show you how to get traffic

here on this channel

John money club channel we are showing

you getting the traffic and making the

money now type in money club if you are

part of my money club make sure you join

the money club if you are wanting to go

deeper with my training you can

subscribe and be a part of that so let's

get into affiliate networks few

affiliate networks you will see the

links in my description below so you can

get links to join all of these and make

sure you use my links so you can get

accepted now some countries will not be

accepted so I suggest you apply to all

of these affiliate networks now one is

Mac's web you can join that it's a very

big affiliate network focused on digital

products next affiliate network is

called the super affiliate network this

is one of my most recommended affiliate

networks out there so you can join the

super affiliate network you see average

people from all walks of life are making

money and having lots of success with

this network and it's run by my friend

Misha right there okay also join six

figure mentors again the links in the

description they include a lot of

training to help you get better in

affiliate marketing also people from all

walks life making money here click

funnels is another great affiliate

program that pays recurring commissions

recurring commissions so you get a sale

you get money for life k you get 10

sales you'll be making $500 for life so

that's great and even if you get a

hundred sales with this program they'll

buy you a car yeah I'm serious

they'll buy you a car check this out

Todd brown got a new Ferrari right there

because he got enough sales with

clickfunnels he's being handed it by

Russell Brunson himself so then we have

a few more there's digi store which any

country in the world they accept and we

also have Clickbank now for the purposes

of this training I'm going to be using


to actually set this up now you'll want

to create an account and then you'll

want to sign up go to the affiliate

marketplace right here we'll go to the

affiliate marketplace and what we will

do is

we'll scroll down to e-business and

e-marketing right there and you'll see

one of the top programs here is Mike

okay it's my product it's my training

product where I teach people how to

start an online business so it's called

the super affiliate system and you can

see that it pays about five hundred

dollars you get eight sales eight people

from the seven billion people around the

world and you get them to buy this

product and you will make money and this

method works so good as I said it works

scarily good the second you see this

video put this into action because the

keywords the best keywords are gonna go

fast there's not only a couple thousand

universities in the world and I have a

hundred and sixty or 170,000 people that

subscribe to me so think about that

couple thousand keywords you want to get

on this fast only a couple thousand

colleges get on this fast before all the

keywords are taken up now right here

click promote so we're gonna give a link

to my program click promote and you're

gonna enter in your account nickname

whatever that is and I'm just gonna type

in underground method okay I'm just

gonna leave the link as the default and

then we'll click right here generate hop

link right there and then you see we

have our generated hop links so we can

copy that or we can just click this

button okay and it copied see you have

successfully copied your coply now the

next step is pretty easy we're gonna go

to bitly and we're gonna shorten this

link I'm gonna go down here where it

says shorten your link I'm gonna paste

it you see that links real big and ugly

we're just gonna click this button

shortened to make it more clickable

because people don't like clicking on

big and ugly links so see it just it

just turned it into this link so we can

click copy right here to copy it okay

now you'll notice that I opened up a

notepad and I pasted both of my links in

the notepad I posted the long one and I

posted the short one because I want to

be able to track I just want to have a

quick reference because we're gonna use

this link in just a little bit so we're

actually gonna skip ahead we're gonna

create the content first and we're gonna

create it and we're gonna upload it and

we're gonna put our link in there back

in step four so just

save this link put in a note or

something somewhere on your computer and

we're gonna come back to this in just a

second so the next thing we want to do

is you want to go to a site called

flicks Express okay you can create

videos in minutes now what we want to do

here is I'm going to copy some of the

text I'm actually going to give you a

special bonus at the end of this video

where you'll be able to get exactly what

I'm doing a template of exactly what I'm


to apply to all the other thousands of

key words in the universe for this

method and use them to make money okay

and also my legal disclaimer my lawyers

make me say this is this videos for

entertainment purposes only okay but

this is not business advice results may

vary you may not make any money doing

this you know most most business owners

fail frankly it's because they don't

ever do anything they just watch videos

and so don't be one of those people

don't just sit back and watch the video

not take action frankly I want to see

you unsubscribe for my channel if you're

just gonna watch videos and not actually

do anything about it I know other

youtubers will say oh you know what just

thank you for watching the videos your

you know watch stuff makes me happy my

channel girl I don't care about having I

have more people subscribe to my channel

than I want frankly I just want hungry


I just want hungry wolves who are gonna

implement stuff go out there and make us

both money because you put this stuff in

action we both make money this is the

number one money channel on YouTube

because guys type in number one money

channel on YouTube if you know it if you

already know this is the number one

money channel on YouTube because I'm not

here trying to pitch you courses or none

of that stuff I'm trying to get you to

make money because the more money you

make the more money I make and it's

we're working together here so let's

check this out so we're gonna sign up to

flicks Express and it says get started

for free see that right there so just

click that button right there get

started for free and you can register an

account you'll enter in some information

or you could sign in with Google and

just fill out the information so now

we're on a screen where we can create a

video now the video I want to create is

this one these are video templates and

I'm gonna give you the rest of this

stuff to fill in

I like the longer

because these are gonna rank better so

check out this video right here again if

you're figuring out this is the number

one money channel on YouTube type in

number one money Channel on YouTube when

you're ready you know you skeptic so

here we are on the template and when you

use a free account with flicks Express

you get an account balance of two

minutes okay

now this video is sixty five seconds

it's about a minute so this video the

whole video you can get for free this is

you know you only get two minutes of

videos for free but hopefully you make

enough money so you can afford the five

dollars or whatnot it takes so we're

gonna go right here and we're gonna

click customize now right there

customize now we're gonna select five

images okay so I'm gonna go to upload

images right see that I clicked right

there upload image and I'm gonna go to

my folder where I already found some

images now I'm just gonna click click

click click click and I have my five

images all set for me now how I found

these images I will share this all with

you at the end of the video where you

can find this I will give you a free

source file and you will be able to find

the image and text examples so I tell

you what image to use use an image of

the college use a stop sign or a warning

symbol search job slave for images and

Google and use one of those images

person with an idea image and just

Google search that you know and a

downwards arrow okay now once you've

uploaded your images you're just gonna

go click right up here which says

proceed and you'll click proceed now we

have to crop or fit these images to fit

the subtitles so I'm gonna I'm gonna

click here I'm just gonna get the bottom

of that image and I'm doing this all

really fast keep in mind you can do this

better than me so I'm just rushing

through this we have our college and we

have our training slide and now I'm

gonna order them around so we want to

have our you know let's reference our

document here so the first image should

be of a college

okay first image is of the college then

the second image is of a stop sign so we

want to have a stop sign third image its

job slave and the keyword we're going

after is Bowling Green State University

okay then we're having a person with an

idea image so we're gonna say watch this

entire training before you go to college

we're gonna tell them that the link is

in the description now follow along with

me and if you're committed to following

along with me if you've seen that these

methods make money type in money okay

type in Google money in the comments

below I want to see a bunch of Google

money's because this is easy this is so

simple to do and you can make money

doing this Bowling Green State

University do not go there until you

watch this video okay and let's try to

create a preview and see just what

happens okay so I just submitted the

video let's let's check this out of what

we created we go right here see it just

shows up in my preview so let's actually

just download this and we're gonna

upload this right away and we just

created a video by the way people so

we're gonna we're gonna check this out

in a second

but let's move on to the next step this

may take you longer shorter depending on

where you're at in life but we're gonna

go over to YouTube I started a new

channel and if you want to start a

channel you go up here and you would

create or you just type in create a

YouTube channel now YouTube channels are

free if you have a gmail account you

already have a YouTube channel but you

can click on any one of these links

that'll show you how to create it if you

need a more step-by-step process to

create a YouTube channel but it should

be pretty obvious when you log into

YouTube you can click up here and it

will help you create a YouTube channel

so we downloaded our video and there's a

few things we want to do so we're gonna

go back to this and we'll see the title

of the uploaded file should be college

name of your college - review okay so

I'm gonna look at this this file that I

just created

okay and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

rename it bowling -

Green - State - University - review dot

mp4 now we're getting to the final

stages of this entire method this is so

simple and once you do it once you'll be

able to do it over and over and over

again very fast and I'm telling you do

this as many times as possible do this

for every single freaking keyword that

you possibly can

seems long don't worry that's just money

it doesn't happen with a button press so

if you want to go back to Twitter or

Instagram and endless scroll through

Facebook news post please unsubscribe

from this channel this isn't for you

this is for people who want step-by-step

ways to make money online now here we

are and I created a channel and I'm

gonna khlo

here and click that button which means

upload video ok and we'll click upload

video right there and we will go to our

folder and we have Bowling Green State

University review right here so I'm just

gonna select file I'm gonna upload it I

just dragged and dropped it right do not

attend bowling now you can see in the

file that I'm going to share with you of

the templates how to actually do this ok

so you see the title of the video

example it's right there and all you

have to do is replace the actual

bracketed areas with whatever key word

you're going after now also keep in mind

that this video may be taken down at any

time this training real problem it will

be taken down very fast you want to you

want to put this into action as soon as

you see this video because this training

will not be up for very long now if

you're an avid fan of mine just put this

into action as many times as possible ok

now in the description what we're gonna

do is we're gonna use our link remember

we had our short link so here we are

once again we're gonna use our short

link right there and we're gonna copy it

and we're gonna paste it into the

description right there see that so

people will know where to go the last

thing we'll do is we'll type in bullying

State University right there and in the

keyword area and we're going to make

this public and we're going to publish

and go so let's check out our video and

see how it looks



let's good

so there's our video and I think that

looks pretty amazing for just a few

minutes of work I mean that video was

created in about a minute or two I spent

a lot of time explaining it you're going

after unsaturated keywords you're going

after and you're doing it in a great way

that's going to get a lot of engagement

okay this is hot

you'll get ranked in Google because

there are no if you look this up there

aren't videos ranking for Google and

people would rather watch videos than

actually read text and deal with

annoying websites that's why this method

works there's a lot more in this method

that I could go into copywriting etc but

I suggest that you modify things based

on what you want you can go after

colleges in Canada in Mexico in any

country in the world you can go after

actually you know really anything that

you you want here do whatever you think

is gonna work best but and and try to

modify the copy you saw my the link is

in description was a little bit cut off

change it up there's a million things

you can do to try this out just go for

it and put this in action

type in Google money in the chat free

traffic method resources is in the

description john force tiny compacts

last resource Bowling Green State

University is a great university I don't

suggest you do this around Bowling Green

State University they're fantastic I

haven't been there but I'm sure it's

fantastic I just read about it

don't do anything to Bowling Green State

University only post positive videos

about Bowling Green State University

this videos for entertainment purposes

results may vary keep that in mind

like subscribe comment hit that

notification bell if you enjoyed this

you got something out of this hope to

see you put this into action make some

serious money share this video with your

friends while it's still up because this

video will probably be taken down very

fast talk to you soon go out there make

money be an affiliate marketer live free

take back control of your life talk to

you soon