How To Make 300 Dollars A Day! With Nothing But Pen And Paper

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- How to make $300 a day with nothing but a pen and paper.

Does that sound too good to be true?

I could assure you, it is true.

By the time you finish watching this video

you'd have learned a proven income model.

You see, there's so many income models online,

so many different business models,

and a lot of times what they don't tell you is

it requires money to make money.

Example, you would see that people online

they say, oh, I'm making $10,000, $20,000, $30,000

on Amazon or through Shopify or different income models.

What they don't tell you is, well, that $30,000

that's gross revenue, that's not net.

That means how much revenue they generate, sales,

but at the end of the day

that's not how much they put in their pocket.

Let's say they're making $300 a day selling something

on Amazon, some kind of e-commerce business model,

well, you mean, that's $9,000 a month,

that sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

But what they don't tell you is how much they spend

on marketing, how much they spend on the inventory.

Also the profit that they make, they need to reinvest

back into the business to buy more inventory.

At the end of the day they may be generating $300

a day in revenue but the actual net income

may be less than 30, 40, 80 bucks,

maybe even less than that.

So any income model that you follow, that you pick,

you have to take that into consideration.

So when I am talking about $300 a day,

I'm talking about $300 net, flat out, after all expenses,

after all the overhead you're putting

$300 in your pocket every single day.

So how do you do that?

I always believe if you're getting started,

if you follow my work, you always wanna start off

with a high-income skill.

So today I'm gonna share a different

high-income skill model with you.

You excited?

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There's so many businesses and brands

and companies out there that they need help.

I believe the easiest way for you to start

generating some income online, is not to sell a product

because that takes a lot of work.

You've gotta build a website, you've gotta build a funnel,

you've gotta drive traffic,

you've gotta know graphic design,

you've gotta hire people,

you've gotta put all this stuff together

plus you've gotta buy inventory,

and then you've gotta get it listed on Amazon

and so on, and so on, and so on.

A much easier and faster way is to actually offer a service

that companies and businesses need

and are willing to pay for.

So what am I talking about?

I'm talking about copywriting.

Now what is copywriting?

Copywriting is nothing more than closing in print,

meaning you are crafting marketing messages,

ads, email, landing pages.

Have you ever seen those ads on your newsfeed on Facebook?

Guess what, a copywriter wrote those ads.

Someone paid them hundreds and hundreds of dollars

to craft each one of those ads.

So why couldn't that be you?

So let me walk you through the example,

how to make $300 a day.

So let's say you are working with a business,

now assuming you've got your copywriting skill,

which I could teach you, you are writing emails for them.

And let's say this particular business,

they have an email list.

Let's say the email list, they have a list of 50,000 people,

which is pretty average for companies and brands online,

that's not even that big of a list, right?

So let's say they have a list of 50,000 people,

and let's say they send out 10 emails,

10 emails out to their list every single month.

Each month they generate about $30,000 in revenue

from those emails.

So 10 emails, $30,000 a month, what does that mean?

It means each email that they send out on average

it brings in about what?

How much?

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$3,000 per email that they're generating revenue.

So let's say you help them and you write emails for them,

instead of sending out 10 emails a month,

and you help them write a daily email.

And let me give you an example,

a daily email could look something like this.

Which is pretty simple,

it doesn't have to be super long.

And these emails might not take you more than 30, 40 minutes

to craft each and every single day.

Could you see yourself doing this?

Could you craft an email like this?

So instead of sending 10 emails a month,

now they're sending 30 emails a month.

Now what happens?

Well now you've helped them generate $60,000

in additional revenue

compared to what they were making before.

Put yourself in their shoes,

would you have any problems paying someone $3,000 a month

if someone could bring you $60,000 in additional revenue?

Are you happy?


Is the business owner happy?


Now you're making $3,000 writing these simple emails,

or these simple messages,

because it's not about writing, it's about what you could do

with your copywriting skill, you bring value.

And you are bringing revenue to the companies.

And you talk to any company out there,

who doesn't want more revenue?

Everybody wants more revenue.

So you're spending 30 minutes a day, stay with me,

30 minutes a day to craft these simple emails

to help them sell more products and services.

They're paying you $3,000 a month to craft these

simple daily emails.

So that's $3,000 a month, what $100 per day, right?

What is your cost?

Comment below.


You're netting 100% of that money.

And let's say that you are more ambitious,

now you are getting better, and you don't mind taking on

more than just one client.

And you say, "Hey Dan, you know what?

"I'm ambitious, I'm willing to hustle,

"I'm willing to do this."

Instead of working with one client, you say to yourself

that I'm gonna work with 3 clients,

each client paying you $100 a day, that's $300 per day.

Times that 30 days, that's $9,000 a month.

Just writing simple emails, or it could be landing pages.

Have you seen pages like this?

So how long would it take you to write

some of these short landing pages?

That's $9,000 a month.

What is your overhead?


What is your marketing cost?


Do you need a funnel?

No, you don't need a funnel.

Do you need a website?


Do you need a blog?


Do you need a huge, massive social following?


Do you even need to be that good on camera?

No, 'cause you're working behind the scenes,

you are the silent rainmaker.

You're helping businesses and companies grow

and bring in more customers and leads and more revenue.

That's all you do.

And that's if you're starting out,

what if you get a little bit better?

If you could get better, if you could produce better results

could you charge $120 per email?

Could you charge $150 per email?

Could you charge $200 per email?

Could you see how powerful this is?

That's the model.

Very solid, no hype, no BS, no exaggeration, $300 a day.

You could get up to $500 a day, $1,000 a day.

Now it's gonna take some work.

You're gonna develop your skill and that's what I teach you.

Now this is not a get-rick-quick scheme,

this is not sit on your ass and do nothing,

and money will fall on your lap type bullshit.

This is not a push button and money would spit out.

This is not like that at all.

This is offering real value, real service

to real businesses in exchange of money.

You're helping them, you're adding value,

and that's why they are paying you.

It is the only reason why they are paying you.

If you wanna learn more about this model,

I call that the Half Hour Workday Income Model,

click on the link here.

I'll deep-dive into the entire business model,

how everything works.

Through this training, it's free.

If you wanna go more in depth

and you want me to actually train you on, "Hey Dan,

"how do I become a high-income copywriter?

"I wanna learn this skill.

"I want to be able to help other people,

"I want to be able to help businesses,

"or even help my own business.

"This sounds like a very powerful skill."

There's an opportunity for you to do that as well.

So click on the link, right now.