Earn $20K EVERY MONTH by being your own boss

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Three years ago I was living in that apartment right there.

Third floor, leaky windows, cockroaches, the worst.

I had 14 dollars in my bank account.

But just last week, I paid off

my very first Subaru Impreza.

And I own my house

in Nebraska.

You might say, "That's wild, how did you get there?" But that's not even the wildest part.

The wildest part is that: the way I went from there to where I'm standing right now?

All I had to do was work from home, make my own hours, and be my own boss.

And you can do it, too.

If you have access to a computer, and also internet access,

you could be making up to 20k a month working just a couple hours a day.

All you have to do is work on these spreadsheets.

I learned this strategy from Dorian Smiles, but I put a little twist on it.

When I was starting out, I would spend six to eight hours a day

just moving these symbols back and forth between the two spreadsheets.

But now I can get that work done in half the time.

And every 15th of the month, I get wired between 10 and 20 thousand dollars straight into my bank account.

And where's that money coming from?

I don't 100% know.

Like, I-I called my bank. I waited, like, the whole 15th, and as soon as the money came in,

I called my bank and I was like, "Hey, hey, where did that money get transferred in from?"

And the guy was like, "It-it's from you."

Like he said that it was like I was transferring money from an account I have with a different bank into this one,

but I don't... I-I just have the one bank account.

And I told that to the guy, and he was b- he b-but he was like, "Literally, Mr. Gilbert, we literally just spoke.

And it's your money, and you put it into your..."

And, like, that didn't make sense to me.

Until I remembered

that I'm my own boss.

If you had told me three years ago that I'd become so successful

I could own not one, but TWO mandolins, I'd say you're lying!

And honestly, I still can't believe it's true.

But ever since I signed up with Dorian Smiles' program, he just sent over the spreadsheets, and I got to work right away.

But what am I working on?

Like seriously, what the fuck am I doing?

Right? Like I-I just move the same lines back and forth and bback and forth between these two spreadsheets, and like I...

I can't figure out how that's adding value to anything.

And yet, I keep getting paid.

By someone who apparently has my name and my voice! And like...

I try-I'm trying to figure out what happened. Like I-I've messaged Dorian, and he-but he hasn't responded. Right?

Since I-since he sent over the spreadsheets, it's just... It's been empty. It's been silent.

And like, sure, you know what? Fuck, I get paid ridiculous amounts of money for two hours of work a day,

but, like, I'm spending the other 22 hours just thinking about the spreadsheets.

And I can't figure out why tha- like, I don't sleep anymore! Right?

I don't sleep anymore,

I just th-th-tthhhthhhh-

*bell rings*

T-t-t-three years ago, I was living in tha-a-aat apartment right there.


*unsettling music*

Thh-thhhink about the... pfff...

And it's just a-you just need a computer and internet access.

But as I mentioned previously, I put a little twist on Dorian Smiles' program.

You see, you can work from home anywhere.

But I specifically bought a house in Center, Nebraska, because it's close to where Dorian lives.

He had to give me his address for, like, tax purposes. And I wanted to meet the guy in real life.

But the snag is that the address hasn't existed since 1888.

Like, there's records of a building being there, but it got condemned because of an enormous blizzard.

It's just woods now.

But like...

I-I gotta try to find it.

It's the only lead I have.

And I need to meet the man who came up with this incredible program

that can earn you up to 20 thousand a month with just a few hours of work a day.

But that's not even the w-wildest p-part.

The wwildest ppart is that yyou cando this while working from home, making your own hoursss, and being your own boss.

And you can do that toothat.

But that's not even the wwildestpart. The wildest pppart is that is that you can do this while working from homememe,

making your own hours, and being your own boss.


And youcandothattooothat. Bbbbuytthats Not even the WildeSt part.

Thaaahahe wildestpart is that isthat youcanmake this while w working from home, making your own hours,

and being your own boss b and y y y y y y you can dothattoothatbbbbutthatsnot even the wiliiidest part.

The whiilldlestpart isthat youcandddoooooodddoooooo that whileworkigingfromhome

mmmamkekingyourownhroususrs and being yourown boss.


*crickets chirping*

*cicada noises*

*cicada noises grow louder*

It's easy.

I get paid 10 to 20 thousand dollars a month while I work from home. And you can, too!

Why don't you join me?

Why don't you join me?

Why don't you join me?

Why don't y-