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today I want to show you how you can

earn $100 within 30 minutes of work now

I'm big on not wasting your time and

getting straight into the video here so

I'm gonna try and give you as much value

in this 10 to 15 minute video as I

possibly can

and we're just gonna jump into the video

right now in this video I'm going to

show you how you can earn a minimum of

$100 now you can make a lot more than

$100 and a lot of people are doing that

but today we're just gonna be starting

and focusing on earning $100 this method

is open worldwide so if you're watching

this right now and you're asking me if

you can do it the answer is yes you can

do this method and you can start to make

some money this is completely free to

join you don't have to pay any

membership fee you don't have to pay

anything at all it's completely free to

join and everything you need to know

will be shown in this video and it's

available for you to go and get started

today and you'll be surprised how easy

this method actually is would you

understand the method and what you need

to do if you go and do this you're just

gonna make some money but the key is

here to go and actually take action so

one last thing before we get into the

video if you do enjoy this video if it

does give you value make sure you leave

a like on the video that's all I'm gonna

ask from you as well as make sure you

subscribe if you're not already

subscribed and turn on notifications and

that's it pretty much really we'll just

jump into the video right now and I'll

show you exactly what you need to do

this one's a unique method and I'm

pretty sure and not a lot of you know

about this so we'll just jump into it so

here we are on Google like where all of

my other videos start from now the first

thing we want to do is come to a website

that I know probably a majority of my

audience are familiar with and no it

isn't Clickbank it's actually called

weeks now Wix is a free website builder

and a lot of you may know it from

different videos because a lot of people

teach you to use Wix to build landing

pages we're not going to be building

anything specific with Wix in fact when

we get to the Wix homepage and what you

want to do is you want to scroll all the

way down and a lot of people don't know

this but if you go to the company and

then you go to affiliates we can

actually promote Wix as an affiliate and

a lot of people know Wix to be the free

website builder well they actually have

premium plans and which a lot of people

are paying

or companies are paying for bloggers are

paying for to actually remove the weeks

and branding off the website so whenever

you make like a free Wix website and if

you've made one yourself you know

exactly what I mean

you get like a made with Wix icon right

at the bottom of the website people pay

premium to remove that and to get all

the features with Wix and we can promote

premium to people that are looking to

make a website with Wix and we can start

to earn some money now when I say we can

start to earn some money the Wix

affiliate program is super super

competitive and they pay out $100 for

every conversion so we can make money

fast our competitive payout of 100

dollars per sale are among the highest

in the industry and we have a variety of

reliable payment options for you to

choose from so they will pay you $100

for anyone that you can get to sign up

for their monthly reoccurring premium

plan so you can refer an unlimited

amount of people that's why I said

really you can earn $100 minimum if you

get one person referred but you can earn

thousands tens of thousands of dollars

by referring people to the Wix affiliate

program and they give you like all

resources that you can actually promote

Wix with and a dashboard we don't really

need to understand any of that so ensure

it works like this we sign up for a Wix

affiliate we can then promote Wix and

then we can get paid when someone buys a

Wix plan now this one here is the hard

part and I'm gonna show you how you can

do that in this video so first things

first scroll up and you want to click on

start earning now and you want to fill

in the application to be an affiliate

for Wix it's honestly not exactly too

much of a detailed application put in

your payment info where you from your

country and you can get started

straightaway and they pretty much accept

anyone from what I've heard and once

you've got your account on which you can

then start to promote Wiggs as an

affiliate and we can then start to make

some money now if we just go we need to

obviously know what we're talking about

here so if we just go to the actual Wix

page Wix com

we need to understand what the plans are

which what we need to be getting people


by so if you go to subscriptions and

then you go to premium plans you're

gonna see all the different plans here

the week's offer so click on the website

tab if it's not already highlighted here

and you can see we've got a $24 per

month plan you've got unlimited for $12

$8 and $4 now you can see the $4 per

month plan has banner ads for wigs and a

lot of people just buy the premium plans

on wigs

so they can remove the week's ads they

also get free domains if you go with

this plan so this is probably in my

opinion the most popular plan they say

this one is what is it really do they

just want you to buy this one maybe so

but this is the plan in my opinion I

would promote it's $1.00 per month it's

a simple plan to get people to buy they

don't have to fork out a lot of money I

mean $8 per month is less than a Spotify

subscription so I feel like that is easy

to sell so here's how I would go about

selling it and here's how I would make

some money with this so a lot of you may

have already made websites with Wix

before and if you have you know how easy

it is you can drag and drop pictures you

can literally I'm gonna log into wigs

and show you for those that don't really

know but for those that do know just

bear with me and I'm literally gonna

make it a 30-second display so I'll just

log into my account here I don't

actually know what website I've already

got set up here so okay so we've got a

lot of random sites here so I'll just

edit a site and if you don't know what

Wix is or how to use it

trust me it's the most simple website

builder you'll ever use in your life so

I've got a template on Wix and you can

you can pick a template before you

actually meet the website and you can

change the background you can add

components all of these different

components you can literally delete and

move text wherever you want and if I was

to go into site I could I don't know how

you get a new background but honestly

it's super easy it's super simple you

can change whatever you want you can

change the complete layout of the page

and yeah it's honestly like the e

the way to make a website so what we

need to do is we need to promote Wix and

we need to show people how easy it is to

make a website with Wix and not only

that how beautiful the website can be

and just for 8 dollars per month they

can get a free domain and they can

remove the Wix banner and have a

professional website made by themselves

which is going to cost them less than

Spotify subscription every single month

as a super good deal and you need to

emphasize that and show people how good

of a deal that is now the way to do that

drumroll please is through YouTube I'm

sorry flat drumroll was loud so what you

want to do is you want to go to YouTube

so here we are on YouTube now what you

need to do here is YouTube just like

Google is a search engine people are

looking for tutorials on Wix people are

looking for tutorials on how to make a

website they're looking for various

different things around building

websites from building blogs building

portfolios building websites for

business and Wix tutorial for beginners

there's literally so many different

keywords people are punching into

YouTube every single day and they're

watching content on them keywords so if

I was to type in a keyword just like how

to make a website which is a very

competitive keyword don't get me wrong

you've got how to make a website for

free how to make a website wordpress how

to make a website on Wix so he can take

a look at that and we can see what

contents already been uploaded to Google

at YouTube sorry

so you can see you've already got Wix

tutorials which show people how they can

make a website with Wix now you can see

here this person has their affiliate

link now I know that's an affiliate link

it probably doesn't look like it to you

and because he's shortened it with his

his URL if you click that it's gonna

take you to Wix and every time someone

buys after clicking on his link he's

gonna get a commission and he's gonna

get $100 so he's making a lot of money

off this and if you know anything about

YouTube 58,000 people if he was just

using Google Ads

to monetize this he'll probably make

using the website nish he might make

$500 from 58 KS if just five of those

people go and create a website with Wix

well that's an additional $500 right

there this has got the potential to make

this guy so much money now you can see

obviously if you go download shoo bunny

which is a taller speak about Allah true

body is basically a tool which allows

you to see the competitive a keyword is

you can see this keyword is good it's 51

out of 100 which is honestly a pretty

good score for buy websites because a

lot of people making content on websites

because of the big Commission's and what

you can see it also gives you a related

searches so you've got how to make a

website on Wix for affiliate marketing

that could be a video we make so let's

just wait for it to load so this is 34

so we'll go back and then we'll try

again and the YouTube game if you're

playing for the youtube search is

basically just you find in a good

keyword that you can make a video for

and making that video so we'll try how

to make a clothing web site on Wix and

it's just trial and have a trial and

error and you keep going and tweet find

good keywords so that's fair

so we'll try I don't know wix2 wix2


for business boom this one is very good

it is 65 out of 100 and if you do this

for 30 minutes you're gonna get a list

of like maybe 30 keywords that's 30

video ideas that you can sit down you

can create and you can basically show

people how they can use Wix and how they

can make a website you will then link

your affiliate link in the description

here so he's got his affiliate link here

and when people click on it and when

people going by Wix you're gonna get

$100 every time someone buys a new plan

so now you might have some questions

like how do I record my screen and how

to record audio and literally that's all

you need to do guys you don't need to

have your face on camera you just need

to record your screen now to record your

screen you want to go to this website


OBS project calm and here's a website

called OBS project comm you want to

download OBS studio and OBS studios it's

going to allow you to record your

computer screen I'm recurrently

recording with it right now and if you

just go on youtube and type in how to

record your computer screen with OBS

there's gonna be tons of videos that

come up which show you how you can do

this and then to record your audio you

can even record it like inside OBS or

you can use audacity which is going to

record your audio as well as a separate

file and then you can sync them together

and out editing or you can just do it in

one take upload it with OBS and then

upload that actual file and to YouTube

with no editing so that's basically the

method in a nutshell go and sign up for

the Wix affiliate program go and promote

it on YouTube by creating content there

is around wigs and how you can make

websites with Wix and you'll start to

get results in your start to rank your

videos on YouTube which will in return

make you 100 dollar Commission's now

that's that method I want to introduce

you to a different method which is

affiliate marketing still but the method

that is more passive income and a method

which I'm doing and a lot of people are

doing to make four figures every single

day now this method I'll leave it in the

description below

it's basically my number one

recommendation to build in a full time

income online when I started like four

or five years ago into internet


I didn't even know this existed people

making like thousands of dollars with

this and it's a great resource for

people to learn business and learn

internet marketing learn affiliate

marketing and then go and promote it to

earn like thousands of dollars in

commissions because of the system that's

in place if you want to check it out or

leave a link in the description below

just go and check it out if not then

that's cool too just leave a like on the

video it would really help me out thanks

for watching there guys and I'll see you

all in the next video