3 ways to make $100 a day with No Work

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hey guys sonia bryson here and today i'm

going to give you guys three ways to go

out there and earn around a hundred


every single day without doing that much

work and all it requires is basically

some elbow grease

and some effort but it does not require

any 48 hour work weeks

or any boss or any for example hey wear

a uniform because we don't accept any

like t-shirts and hoodies the answer is

you're going to be at home and you'll be

doing whatever you actually want to do

whenever you actually want to do it and

by the way i've done

all three of these and in reality being

honest here the first one made me around

two to three thousand dollars the second

one made me around

fifty thousand dollars and the third one

made me the least amount of money like

around a thousand to two thousand

dollars and that's about it but in


i've made a lot of money and all

basically from home

and doing whatever i want to do when i

basically want to do it and if you guys

don't know me

i post videos every single day on

youtube we should also subscribe and hit

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the like button now the first way to

actually go out there and make a hundred


every single day is by creating a

youtube channel

but not with your face or for example

your name

or posting videos every single day like

i do like real

work and stuff like that in reality no

you can go ahead and

re-upload content from other channels

and music

and then post my youtube channel and

then go ahead and make revenue from just


putting things together post them on

youtube and then going ahead and make an


revenue now you might say tommy i can't

make a lot of money like that because


i'm going to get copyrighted but you

won't because basically

those people are going to give you

permission to go ahead and do this

and then that way you don't get

copyrighted whatsoever

and you actually get to keep all of the

money now

i'm gonna show you guys here an example

channel that actually does this

very very well one of the most popular

ones out there okay and i watch them

every single day and i'm a massive fan

of what they actually do okay i'm just

being honest here

i'm being like a little fangirl but it's

the truth okay and here's the channel

right here guys okay

this channel is called chilled cow and

they have around 6.67

million subscribers and all they do is

basically post beats

on relaxing music stress-free music also

study music

and i watch it every single day and they

even have for example a

permanent live where you actually go to

talk to people and also just listen to


while you're studying or doing work and

i do this every single day

but then i realized this okay this


has run 609 million views in total

and only posted around 222 videos on top

of that

they post an average of around seven

videos a month and they get around

42 million views every single month

now tell me a lot of views sounds great

but how much money can i actually make

by doing this stuff

myself well the answer is very simple

guys okay

and here it is okay this channel

according to socialblade

makes around here it is okay between


thousand dollars to around one point

five million dollars

every single year on a monthly basis

that's a run

between eleven king drawing a hundred

and seventy six

thousand dollars and the only post runs

seven videos

every single month and wait wait here

are the videos right here okay

just basically beats beats beats

beats and that's basically all it is and

i watch them literally like around

every single day and i love the music

okay i'm just being honest here but but

here is how this actually works with you


all you're doing is basically grabbing

royalty-free music

and then putting a background to it

putting it as a video and then going

ahead and uploading on youtube

and that way you start to go ahead and

build an audience and actually make

money off of it that's i mean step by


how do i actually do this myself well

the answer is guys

i'll show you guys right now okay all

you have to do is step one

download this app right here okay it's

called tubebuddy

it's going to basically help you get

tags for your entire youtube videos and

also get

titles that way your videos actually get

seen by the algorithm it's also free but

if you want the paid version

use code tommy bryson that way you get

for example a 20

to 30 offers i'm like that okay i use

this all the time by the way so for

example i can go on youtube

and type in a title right and it tells

me exactly tommy it's a good title or a

bad title and here are tags what he used

for that video

that when my video actually goes ahead

and gets seen okay because the algorithm

that's how it works on youtube so go

ahead relax in music for stress and

relief and sleep right i search that up

and then right here on this side tube

buddy pops up and it tells me hey tommy

here are the tags you actually want to

use when it comes to your videos i can

click here

to select all the tags i actually want

for my video boom awesome

but here also tells me for example hey

here's how many people actually search

it up

the competition and also how optimized

your title as she is and over here also

tells me hey

here are some other titles you can

actually use for your entire video

that way your video actually gets seen

and that way you get a better score and

it's called very good

that when i post it actually gets seen

and actually gets viewed

now step number two is basically you

want to go on pixels

now pixels basically gives you free


for your entire video for example go in


you type in background and you also type

in free that way you get free

backgrounds for free

and you download them if you actually

want to for example i like this video

right here

that when i'm playing my entire song i

get this background and again

i didn't make it i didn't shoot it i

just went ahead and copied it over from

another website i play it for example

it looks like this okay pretty relaxing

pretty awesome and also just click for


download i download it for free and then

boom i'm good to go

that's mine now okay now then i go over


ben sound this is step number three here

and i download for example

relax in music so just look at for

example relaxing music here

search it up and it shows you exactly

hey here is some relaxed music and i

just basically click for example

download and then boom i can just go

ahead and download this music right here

and now boom

now this music is actually mine i go

ahead now

now that i have for example a video for

the background and also some music

i put into my editing software i loop

them together and that way

i get some pretty awesome videos and i

post them

every single day that way i didn't make


i didn't create a background i basically

just put them together

posted on youtube and basically got some

views and also in around

one to three to four months we post

every single day

you get an audience some views coming in

and then finally

you start to actually go out there and

make some extra money now if you want to

take this to the next level

all you have to do is get an additional

10 channels on youtube right

and look at exactly what they actually

do for example i know

chill cow has merch so i'll make a merch

store with teespring

they have a spotify i make a spotify

they have itunes i make an itunes devil

and instagram also i make an instagram


and they also have a discord to build

community right so i'll make all the

stuff that i actually have

and build my own community and that way

whatever they do in a way i actually do

it and i kind of get the same results

over time

it's not going to be overnight okay on

top of that they also have a mascot

right the mascot is basing

the cow and also the korean girl right


in all their videos and that way

everyone knows exactly who you are

and that way you stand out from the

competition because basically

if everyone does this it won't work but

if you have for example

a mascot a whole brand of commuting then

people go ahead and watch your videos


everyone else's videos out there and

that's the best way to do it and by the


this guy right here or this girl right

here i don't know who it is

the answer is they have a bunch of other

channels also

and also make additional revenue for

example dreamy cow

well this channel has around 366k and it

gets around 1 million views

every single month and it makes an

average of around

between 400 to 6k every single year and

if you ask me

that is still a lot of money and they

haven't even posted a video in the last


so if you ask me it's a great way to go

out there and make some extra money

if you want to edit the videos use for

example movie maker or for example

hit film express is basically an editing

software and everything i

said in this video right here is down

below in the description that we know


how to do it where to go step by step

but that is what i would do is basically

i wanted to make money on youtube

without having to go out there and do a

ton of work

that is what i would do mascot have a

brand make an

audience build it up i would post videos

every single day

or twice a day so that's around 60

videos around

7 to 10 times more work than chill cow

does and that way

i'll get a lot more results than he's

actually getting right now

that is exactly what i would do now the

second way to actually go out there and

make some extra money

is basically by flipping phones now

maybe between 50

to fifty 150 to twenty dollars whenever

i actually bought a phone

and sold it for a profit all the time on

ebay and also facebook i'll show you

guys exactly how to actually do it

but to do this you're going to need

between 100

to 500 to actually get started now

here is what you do if you don't have

any money whatsoever

this is risky you start by selling your

own phone

for price or premium use that money to

then go ahead and buy

another phone and another phone another

phone another one

and that way you actually get started

but for example if you have a ps4

an xbox some pokemon cards some sneakers

some clothes

sell all that stuff okay use that money

to then go ahead

and start this business and then start

making some extra money and then with

that money you can go ahead and buy

whatever you actually want to buy

whenever you want to buy it but that way

you're not broke anymore okay that's the

entire point there now

here's exactly what i used to do

whenever i was actually flipping phones

all the time what i want to do is this


i want to go on ebay and you want to

search up exactly the phone you actually

want to start flipping

now my phone is going to be like around

an iphone x

256 gig and it has to be unlocked i like

unlock phones that was a lot easier to

actually sell

you click unlock but you don't want to

see this guys okay because although this

is pretty cool hey

it sells for 465 or 365. in reality

what you want to see is exactly what i

already sold for so just go down to

where it says for example show only

and click sold items and also completed

items and it'll show you exactly

what they actually sold for in the

market currently in this case

iphone x with the six gig so for 385

360 350 350 375

405 329 so i know for a fact there's

some between

350 to around 375 and if you have for

example a box

it goes for a little bit more money but

that's the entire idea now tell me

how do i go ahead and find them now i

don't know exactly how much i sell them


the answer is go on facebook and look up

again iphone x 256 gig

and so you hear exactly how much you're

actually selling for in this case

they go for around between 300 375

to 450. what you want to do is basically

buy a phone for a

discount right and then go ahead and

sell on ebay for a profit in this case


this one right here has a crack screen

selling for 300

i can go ahead and say for example hey

i'll give you

200 or 250 buy for 250

buy to 250 go on this website right here


um fix easy and then basically just go


and buy an iphone x screen for around

thirty seven dollars or forty dollars

fix the screen so now i'm down for

around two forty dollars to actually put

down for that phone

and then go ahead and sell it on ebay

for around 375 or 400

and make a profit also secret tip here

go on an entire um ebay and look up for


iphone x box

and accessories okay and this way you

can actually buy

the entire box for like ten dollars or

twenty four dollars and that will say

for example hey this phone is an

excellent condition

why wouldn't i want to buy and that way

you can go ahead and buy it for a


that's what i would do if i actually

wanted to flip phones on the internet


now again use facebook to actually buy

phones or craigslist or offer up or


or for example postmark whatever is

available to you use it to buy

phones but also use ebay to judge

exactly what it's actually selling for


sold items and completed items that we

know exactly what sold

and what was an actual return don't go

based on hey

it usually sells for this price no gold

base would actually sold for in the


of the entire market that we know

exactly what to buy for

and what to sell for okay that is

exactly what i would do and by the way

before you list your items on ebay make

sure you try to sell it also

on facebook because that way you have to

pay ebay a fee of around 10

okay so just keep that in mind right

there now

the last way to actually go ahead and

make a hundred dollars

every single day this one is not that


honestly but it is a cool way to

actually go ahead and make some money

by not doing any work whatsoever in a

way okay

and all you have to do is basically you

basically get hired to do a job but then

you go ahead and hire somebody else for

less money

and you pay them the money and then you

go ahead and keep the difference for


i want to pay you a house they pay me a

hundred dollars i hire you for 50

i keep the difference around 50 and that

way you did all the work but i went

ahead and basically kept

50 to myself that is how it basically

works now tell me

how do i do this online and on the


all you have to do is basically just go

on google and type in for example

onlinejobs.ph okay so online

dubs ph right here okay and click the

first link right here

and this is basically a marketing

website but basically justin for example

in the philippines that we hire from the


and basically get to hire them for a

cheap price and then

get hired in the us and have them do the

work for you that way you get to keep

the difference

and that is basically how it works so

for example if i wanted

a video editor okay video editor

i could actually go here hire video

editor search them up by the way you

need an account to actually do this

and hire this guy right here he gets

paid around his bachelor's degree

awesome awesome awesome let's say for

example i want to hire this lady right


gravity designer and also video editor

the answer is

they want to run twenty thousand dollars

in like philippine money okay

that's only around 422 in u.s money

let's zoom in right here that way you

guys can actually see everything that

i'm actually saying here

zoom in right here look at this 422

every single month and that's only

around three dollars and

20 cents an hour to actually edit your

videos for you and design things for you

now tell me

okay i found someone what exactly do i

do now

the answer is just go on upwork and look

up for example

video editors okay video editors

and this way you see for example hey

they get paid between forty dollars

fifty six dollars nine dollars but also

look up for example people

that already have gotten paid more than

a thousand dollars that way you find

people that are actually getting money

out there okay

1k or more this guy right here gets paid

around 40

56 90 15 100.

so now you start applying for jobs on

upwork then go ahead to onlinejobs.ph

hire this lady right here and pay her

three dollars and 20 cents when you're

actually going ahead and getting paid 50

an hour and that way you get to keep the

difference okay

and that's why i say it's not really

ethical because basically

she's doing all the work while you're

basically just going ahead and

collecting money

but again you are giving somebody a job

and giving a business

very high quality work at the same time

so in reality

if you want to do this the right way

basically i would keep around

80 of the money for myself right but

then also give the employee

right the person you actually hired give

them a bonus whenever they do work


that way they get a piece of the puzzle

well that way they get a piece of the


and actually get some extra money but

that's the way to actually go ahead

and make some extra money online and by

the way they are for example data entry

um video editing design a lot of jobs

actually are here okay that way if you

want to

get hired have them do the work keep the

difference and that way you're good to


but guys those are three ways to

actually go out there and make some


online or from home without having to do

any work whatsoever really okay this is

you know really because you are doing

work but in reality not

that much work at all comment down below

and let me know exactly which one do you

actually want to do

i'll see you guys next time thanks for

watching as always please right here

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well it's just tomorrow thanks for

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