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what is that my beautiful ninja family

in this video I'm gonna be showing you

how this weird top 10 fastest trains in

the world video made over a hundred and

seventeen thousand dollars profit and

the most important part how anyone

anywhere even if you have a zero

experience and zero subscribers can

start making money today on YouTube

without making any videos yourself I

promise you this is gonna be a good one

stay tuned


alright guys so in this video we're

going to be showing you how to make $100

or more right the examples that we're

gonna give in this video these people

are making way more than $100 per day

literally making videos on YouTube

without doing any of the recording

yourself you don't have to be on camera

you literally don't have to do anything

all you have to do is remake videos that

you're allowed to use right this is 100%

legit I did all the research there's

something called Creative Commons that

we're gonna show you and talk about a

little bit later in this video I'm gonna

show you guys how you can start making a

ton of money from YouTube literally just

re uploading videos that are already on

YouTube because I know a lot of people

don't have cameras a lot of people don't

want to get in front of a camera but

anyone anywhere with zero subscribers

can start to do this and start to make a

ton of money doing it so most people

think that you're not actually allowed

to just reuse you know YouTube content

and other people's content that they

upload on youtube people think that

there's coffee rights people think that

they're not allowed to actually reuse

that and a lot of times that is actually

true but not always there's something

called creative comments and what

Creative Commons is is it allows anyone

anywhere to reuse the video content that

people upload to YouTube if they mark it

as Creative Commons and the cool thing

is it's actually very easy to figure out

what is creative comments and what is

not creative comments if you know how

but as a warning guys do not skip any of

this video because there's one critical

thing that you absolutely have to know

to be able to make this work and I know

some people are gonna skip parts of the

video or skip to the end and things like

that you are not going to make this work

unless you know every step you guys

there's one critical mistake that a lot

of beginners make and if you don't make

that mistake then you can actually go on

to really start making a ton of money

like again this video right here that

made over a hundred and seventeen

thousand dollars profit and if you don't

believe me I'm going to prove it to you

in just a few minutes alright so I want

to show you guys just a few examples of

actually people who are doing this so

we're gonna share my screen really quick

and what we're looking at right here

literally all i typed in was just

scariest right so like scariest you can

see 6.5 million views 13 scariest videos

found on the dark web right you see 6.8

million views seven years ago top 10

most disturbing scariest Courage the

Cowardly Dog episodes right but you can

do this for anything like you can do you

can literally just search top 10 right

and you can look at all of these

different things right here you can see

4.4 million views right too

two months ago 1.2 million views 165

million views all of these different you

know videos and you can enter things you

can enter all types of things my

favorite things to actually enter are

you know things that have to do with

fitness conspiracy theories sports right

for teams

things that people actually search all

the time right so you're saying yourself

probably Kevin yeah these people have

millions of views but how are they

actually making money right and we're

gonna talk about exactly how much money

1 million views generally is for most of

these youtubers and how much they're

actually bringing in you know from a

profit perspective because according to

Business Insider right most youtubers

average about $3 CPM and what that means

is how much you get paid per 1000 views

so if a video has a million views right

and you're getting paid $3 per thousand

views you're getting paid three thousand

US dollars 100 percent profit right for

every million views that you actually

have and so here's another example right

top 10 trains top 10 fastest trains in

the world 2018 it's literally a

compilation of the fastest trains in the

world you can see a year ago it has 39

million views so if we pop up the

calculator right here we can see 39

million views times 3000 dollars like I

just proved to you right there getting

paid $3,000 and that's pretty much

minimum guys $3,000 per million views so

39 million times 3000 is a hundred and

seventeen thousand dollars profit for

literally uploading a train video top 10

fastest trains in the world so you're

probably saying yourself okay Kevin how

do I figure out which of these videos I

can actually use and then how do I

actually make money doing it well that's

a good question and the way that you

actually do it is by using what's called

creative commons so every time that I

actually typed something into YouTube

what I can do is come to filter right

here and then I can literally type in

Creative Commons right so what Creative

Commons means is it means that you can

actually download these videos right and

if you don't know how to download a

YouTube video all you have to do is

google search how to download a YouTube

video right there's mp4 downloaders it's

very very easy to do and once you filter

for creative comments like I just did

it's going to show you videos

any video that pops up with the Creative

Commons filter on and as a little note

every time you do a new search you want

to make sure that it's on because

sometimes it actually turns itself off

but you can see that it's obviously on

right here every single one of these

videos is free to use right so I can

literally download this exact video with

39 million views and maybe I could

download some other top 10 fastest

training compilations that are also

creative comments and what I can do is I

can reorganize right I can use a free

editing software like iMovie like a ton

of different editing software and you

can reapplied the same video with a

different thumbnail and a different

title right all you need is an

eye-catching thumbnail and a

well-organized title right top ten

fastest trains in the world 2018 there

isn't a top ten fastest trains in the

world 2019 right people always want to

see the most recent actual thing that

they're looking for on YouTube so what

are actually the most profitable niches

and topics to actually do this for right

because you can make top 10 compilations

top 3 top 5 for anything but there's a

few actual categories where you are

going to make the most money and if

you're saying to me Kevin but I have

zero subscribers I'm just starting how

do I actually make this work every

single one of these people who does this

right when you look on YouTube start to

actually think about it these people are

uploading these top 5 and top tens not

because they love doing it they're doing

it because YouTube is paying them

thousands if not hundreds of thousands

of dollars to do this and all you have

to do is get one video that goes viral

with the YouTube algorithm right it was

free for this person to create this six

minute compilation it probably took them

a couple hours they downloaded different

videos from around YouTube and they

actually just created a compilation a

top 10 they reloaded it added a cool

thumbnail added a cool title and they

were on their way but what are actually

the best niches and topics to do this

for it because if you choose the wrong

topics no one's gonna watch it and if no

one watches it you're not gonna make any

money so let's talk about what the

actual best topics are to do these

compilations for but really quickly I do

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let me know where you're at so I can

personally help you on your journey to

start making more money online okay so

what actually are my favorite things to

make these compilations about

realistically the best things that

people are constantly watching every

single day are Fitness right people love

consumer see theories like if we type in

conspiracy we can see you know five

hundred and ninety forty nine thousand

eight hundred and forty-one thousand two

point four million right lots of

different actual videos here fifteen


top ten conspiracy theories of all time

people love watching this stuff it's the

strangest thing but they actually do

right people love watching sports

highlights so if you go into here like

top ten sports and then we go filter

Creative Commons you can see five point

six million views the best jumpers in

the world right you can see vlogbrothers

you can see lots of different stuff to

actually take a look at here and you can

do top ten sports compilations

highlights best dunks there's so many

different things you can actually make

video about so sports is another one

that I really love recent news right if

things go viral gaming is probably the

number one thing that people are

actually watching videos on on youtube

so if you type in gaming here you know

you can also type in like popular games

like fortnight for example and you can

also use things that Google and YouTube

tell you are popular so we can see right

here that there's actually a youtube

trending and to find this all I did was

Google search YouTube trending I mean

you can see YouTube trending literally

for gaming and you know what people are

actually watching right two million

views in 19 hours 1.1 billion million

views in 20 hours like literally you can

see these things that people are

watching and then you can literally

remake ones of videos without making any

videos yourself just with compilations

and reposting videos that have creative

comments and allow you to do it right

this is not shady at all you're not

going to get shut down

YouTube is 100% okay with this all you

have to do is make sure that they're

actually creative comments so that you

can reuse the footage and another cool

tool that you can actually use to see

how much money these people are making


YouTube channels and we can use a big

youtuber like rice gum for example what

we can do is we can take his his YouTube

username and we can go to a site called

social blade so what social blade does

is it'll actually show you how much an

estimate of how much money that they're

making so he's making estimated 1.8

million dollars from YouTube every

single year and that's probably lower

than he actually is right because my

estimated earnings if we go to mine

right here so we're gonna select my

channel right here and what we're gonna

do is so this is actually the monthly

earnings and I only know the actual

could the correct monthly earnings of my

channel I don't know what rice comes

actually making I've never asked him but

I know that from what this estimates my

monthly earnings are I know that it's

actually realistically about four or

five times higher than that so if rice

gums was four or five times higher than

that then he could be making you know up

to ten million dollars a year from his

YouTube channel obviously he has a

massive channel but socialblade is a

really cool tool that you can see to

estimate how much people are actually

making from YouTube with their channels

based on the amount of views all right

guys so let's summarize really quick so

how do you actually do this right the

best way that you do this is you go into

YouTube and you literally search for

popular videos that have the Creative

Commons license which is totally free to

reuse in whatever way you want and then

you make better versions of their videos

you make a better thumbnail you make a

better keyword rich title and then you

re upload that video right maybe you see

10 different compilations of the fastest

trains in the world and maybe you know

number two is lame maybe number three is

lame and so what you do is you make a

better master version of all of those

already popular videos and then you've

reapplied it and your first video might

not be perfect and your second video

might not go viral but I have friends

who are literally making hundreds of

thousands of dollars doing this exact

strategy and they all started with zero

experience and zero subscribers and so

all you have to do is just get started

and try to put out you know one or two

videos a day where you're just

downloading them making them better re

uploading them having better thumbnails

right and you can get thumbnails made on

fiverr.com for literally five dollars

right there's no excuses guys you can do


people are doing it every single day

just don't be the 99% of people that

never takes any action right be the 1%

who actually tries this stuff and

actually makes it work because remember

all you have to do is just remake better

videos that have the creative common

license upload them and watch the view

start coming in because there's millions

and millions of people on YouTube every

single day and this is an amazing way to

start making money online to start

making $100 a day on YouTube with zero

money to start alright guys so last

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