How Easy Is It To Make $100,000?

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one of the first milestones for many

people is to make that first six-figure

income that $100,000 year now this

milestone can be intimidating for a lot

of people so today we're breaking down

what it's like to get a six-figure

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and let's get started for many people

their first six-figure milestone can

sound a little daunting and intimidating

so in order to make it more manageable

and easier to visualize we must break

this goal down into smaller bite-sized

chunks that we can work towards any big

goal is more manageable when we break it

down into smaller steps so if you want

to make your first six-figure income

this means you will have to make $50,000

every six months which is $25,000 every

quarter which comes down to eight

thousand three hundred and thirty three

dollars every month which works out to

be just over two thousand dollars per

week or two hundred and seventy eight

dollars per day by breaking down this

seemingly big goal into smaller steps it

becomes less intimidating and much

easier to manage instead of thinking I

gotta make a hundred thousand dollars

which might sound a little hard and

intimidating all you have to think about

is how do I make two hundred and seventy

eight dollars today it becomes less

intimidating and much easier to manage

if you hit your daily income goal you

hit your monthly income goal which hits

your six-figure yearly goal

now there are a couple of vehicles that

can take you there you got this low lane

and you got the fast lane most people

are trying to build their six-figure

income in the slow lane by using the

time money method this is where people

directly exchange their time for a fixed

amount of money like in a job now most

people working on an hourly job

typically get paid between fifteen to

thirty dollars an hour which works out

to be anywhere from thirty to sixty

thousand dollars per year not quite the

one hundred thousand dollars were

looking for the formula to hit your

income goal in this category is hourly

rate times hours worked for the year

equals our yearly income goal so let's

say that our friend Tom here has a

yearly income goal of one hundred

thousand dollars

pay is fixed at $30 per hour

this means that Tom will have to

increase his hours worked in order to

reach his goal Tom will have to work 64

hours per week every week without taking

any and paid vacation in order to make

$100,000 per year not adjusting for

overtime pay so let's say that Tom does

not want to work 64 hours per week he

wants to work the normal 40-hour

workweek which means we have to find out

how much he will need to get paid per

hour to make his six figure income a

year has 52 weeks with a 40-hour

workweek Tom works 2080 hours per year

if he takes no unpaid vacation this

means that in order to make 100 thousand

dollars per year

Tom will have to be making 48 dollars

per hour which is much higher than the

average hourly rate in the u.s. which is

around $26 per hour in order to get this

hourly rate most people will go to

school and spend tens of thousands of

dollars to get a technical career that

is able to provide with this hourly rate

and this is working a full-time job

meaning Tom will be making a six-figure

income but doesn't have very much time

to enjoy it now let's say that Tom wants

to cut his working hours by half and

only work 20 hours per week this means

that in order to make 100 thousand

dollars per year and still have time to

enjoy himself he will need to be making

around 96 dollars per hour which still

does not include any unpaid vacation now

it could be pretty difficult to find a

job that pays 50 bucks an hour

much less 100 dollars an hour but this

is how most people do it that is why the

six-figure milestone seems pretty far

away for the majority of the population

now on the other hand we have the fast

lane the way many people hit their first

six figures this is what we call this

skill income method so let's take a look

at our six-figure per year breakdown

again let's say that you sell a product

for $100 this means that you will have

to sell 1,000 units of this product for

the entire year this breaks down to 84

units per month 20 units per week and 3

units per day so what if you sell a

product for 500 dollars this means that

you will have to sell 200 units

the whole year 37 units per month four

units per week and less than a unit per

day now what about a two thousand dollar

products well you will only have to sell

50 units per year for five units per

month and about one units per week you

will have your six figure income see the

reason why we call this the skill income

method is that here you are not

exchanging your time for a predetermined

pay is based more on your skill this

method is considered the fast lane

because a lot more money can be made in

a single transaction then we can make an

analogy which makes it much easier to

get to the six figures especially if you

understand a few key principles you

would be able to sell just about

anything to anybody in much less time so

the major five principles you must

understand in order to sell anything to

anyone are number one people buy

emotionally if you learn and understand

what gets people emotionally buying

you'd be able to sell just about any

item to them see people buy emotionally

and justify it logically if you've ever

seen someone buy a new car for example

you will see that they will give many

logical reasons why they bought the car

but the reality is that they were

already emotionally invested in the car

way before they came up with the reasons

why they bought it number two actually

caring for the customer one of the many

reasons why car salesmen get a bad rap

is because people consider them to be

unauthentic this is because many not all

but some only care about making a

commission and because the salesperson

does not care much about the client they

do not make a good impression on the

buyer caring about the well-being of the

customer and selling them something that

will deliver value will not only help

you be naturally more authentic and make

sells faster but also gives you the

happiest customers because you're

actually delivered value to them number

three people resonate with stories and

values not features see there's a

difference between selling why these

shoes are the best shoes in the world by

telling all the features that shoe has

versus telling it with stories and

principles if you say that this shoe is

the best shoe in the world because it

has the

as technology and was optimized for

performance and they was made with the

highest quality materials you might not

impact very many people but if you make

these shoes represent something that

your audience cares about you will get

the attention of the people you want to

impact a really good example of this was

Gary bee when he was promoting his

clouds and dirt shoes he never spoke

about the features of the shoe he only

talked about what the shoes meant for

him the vision in the clouds and the

grind and the dirt these stories values

and principles bypass our logical brain

and create a better emotional trigger

than features and facts number four

people buy solutions one of the best

ways to sell something is by

understanding people's pains and

problems this allows us to provide

solutions to their problems making it

easier not just to make a sell but to

deliver value to your customers

number five authority let's say that you

want to become a famous rapper so a

random guy in the street comes up to you

and tells you do these five exercises

every day you will become an amazing

rapper chances are you're not going to

do it but what if jay-z comes up to you

and tells you do these five exercises

every day and you'll become a great

rapper now you'll be more likely to do

it the information did not change but

the people who gave it to you

did the reason why we might listen to JC

over the random guy in the street is

that one has Authority and the other

doesn't so being able to create a

thority with your customers can make a

transaction much smoother now I know

what you're thinking this is all great

but I don't have a product to sell and I

get that

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