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in this video we're going to talk about

how can you

get 100 000 pesos from

dividends on a monthly basis 100 000


a month purely cash flow purely

dividends purely passive

income is it possible how can you do it

if you want to know more about that then

you have to

check this video out

hey guys so as you all know i'm a big

fan of dividend investing i'm a big fan

of cash flow because it's passive income

for life and we've been drilling down

and we've been talking a lot about it

that's why

i want to answer the question that was

sent by michelle lee from london england


here's her question hi mr girmo i'm an

ofw from london

i do not have the time to watch the

markets i think she's saying she doesn't

have time to monitor the markets because

of the big time difference please

remember that there's

around eight hours from london time to

philippine time so either she sleeps

very very late or she wakes up very very

early to be able to watch the markets

but anyways let's go back to the


but i love all of your videos about

dividends when i retire back in the

philippines i want to earn 100 000 pesos

passively from dividends

can you give me an example on how i can

get 100 000 pesos a month

purely from dividends and how much money

should i prepare and save for that to


i'm a big fan and i'm excited to see you

again when you come back here in london

regards michelle lee

london england

so first things first thank you so much

michelle for sending that if you guys


any questions similar to michelle slide

a dm on my instagram account or

put it in the comment section and i'll

try to answer it right away or send a


if i've made a video about it or if it's

something very personal

instagram is the way to go so that's a

very very good question

and that's the style that's been my

style also the name of the game

is if you want passive income you want

something that you can predict

you want something that even if the

markets are so bad you still get to have

passive income the way to go is

dividends please remember it's not just

dividends that could give it to you

you can get that also from bonds you can

also get that from fixed income

savings deposit savings accounts and you

can get that also from

rental income but for this example since

you i believe you're a very very good

stock market investor and trader

that's why you're asking that question

for those who are watching this video

for the first time

dividends is basically derived from the

income of the company

the higher the income of the company is

that's an excess that they don't need

for expansion for growth or everything

else in between

they return back to investors like you

and me in form

of dividends that's why it's passive

because if the company is good

they can sustain their dividends for a

very very long time so here's the thing

since i just made a video about this

yesterday talking about the top 12

dividend paying stocks i'm gonna use

the top seven stocks that i gave there

as an example

so for those who watched that video you

all know that those seven stocks

are spc gma seven meralco

pldt globe aerit and abortius power so

as you all know also

among those seven stocks spc gave the

highest dividend yield

but above and beyond that i want to tell

you that pldt

meralco globe and some of them have

already gone

up a bit spc has also gone up but by the

time i'm making this video the dividend

yields of globe and pld and some of

those other stocks

are not as high and not as attractive

anyways let's continue

so the context is we're gonna buy all

seven of those stocks

the the allocations would just be

different and here's what we're gonna do

we're gonna use them to get you


in perpetuity that hopefully what you

get from it

is something that can give you a hundred

thousand pesos a month and since i

mentioned that

our goal is just to get dividends from

it then we're not gonna sell

we're not gonna take profits we're not

gonna be in it for capital appreciation

purely for dividends so this basically

means that you are a person who's

holding on to it

as long as the dividends are good then

you're okay already just receiving the

cash flow that you get from the

dividends and by the way

what we're just factoring in here are

just the dividends should you want to

sell your stock

later on and because you may be holding

on to it for a very long period of time

you may get a larger amount of capital

appreciation as well so it depends on

what your style is it depends on

how your narrative will be on how you

want to do the trade since we're doing

something that

will require some forecasting i will be

making some assumptions and since

there's assumptions here please

please do note this there could be

possibilities that these assumptions

could not happen and it will be

predicated on a different set of


number one i do not know when you will

retire so that means the dividends are

based on the prices that we

have today not on the prices on the time

that you will retire by the time you


the dividends might be different the

dividend yields might be might be

different and the price that you will

buy it are also different

and also connected to that number two

the companies that give out good

dividends by the time you retire

may be different so please don't

memorize the stocks that i've listed


remember the principle behind it which

is you look for the top seven

ones at that point that you're buying

that will give you the highest dividend


please go back to my previous videos or

for those who read my books

look at my formula for dividend yield

and how you can possibly rank them

but that's how you can do it get the

ones that give you the highest dividend

yield by the time that you're buying it

and that's where you deploy

capital it can be even more than seven

stocks it can be

it doesn't just have to be seven because

the name of the game if you're after


is the yield that you will get after not


just having seven stocks you might be

asking about seven point

one point two forty three since you all


she needs to get 100 000 pesos that


what you're investing is in the millions

and the higher your money

is the more diversified also you need to

be you have to remember

it's not just about getting a certain

amount of money it's also protecting

yourself hedging yourself

from underlying risks that could


happen so that being said seven is also

a good number

since this is the number that has the

highest dividends that we know we can

predict we can

have assemblies that these companies

will still do well based on our video

from yesterday seven is a good number

for diversification seven is a good

number also to hedge you and as you look

at it also

most of the stocks that i place in the

video yesterday and we're talking about

today are mostly utilities

they're mostly safe you can also predict

that they could have

income still looking at it from a 2020

standpoint but that being said also if

you want to purely

rely on passive income you want to

purely rely on cash flow

i highly suggest don't just focus on

stocks that will give you dividends you

can also get it from rental income you

can also get it from bond you can also

get it from

high interest savings accounts so at

least you have a

good mix so that if the market is not

doing well or some of those companies

won't do

well in terms of the business aspect you

will still be able to sleep well at

night because you have a good

mix of assets again the name of the game

is still diversification you don't

diversify just for the sake of


but you diversify because your portfolio

is already big so first things first

let me show you the different payout


of this stocks that give out dividends

so looking at the table you will see

that there are months

that some of those companies are not

giving out dividends some give out

once a year only some give out on a

quarterly basis some give out

twice a year there are months like

january april

july and october where dividends aren't


so what does that mean we can't really

make a competition

that you can get one hundred thousand a

month on a monthly basis on a purely

payout level

but for us to make this happen look at

this january no one's giving february

you have globe giving out dividends

march you have meral kopi aditi a read

and avoid this power april you have none

may you have spc and globe june you have

gma seven in erie july you have none

august you have meralca pldt and globe

giving you dividends september you have

giving you dividends october you have

none november you have

globe giving you dividends and december

you have spc and a read so as you can


different stocks different months

different payouts even if you have seven


some of them don't give dividends on

certain months the goal now is this

that at least you get 300 000 pesos

or at least more per quarter so 300 000

or more can equate to your 100 000 pesos

a month so the name of the game is

january february march should give you

300 000

uh april may june should give you three

hundred thousand july august september

should give you three hundred thousand


october november december should also

give you three hundred thousand pesos

for that to happen

this is how many shares you need spc

250 000 shares gma 7 120

000 shares meralco 12 000 shares pldt 1

900 shares globe 5 500 shares

80 13 000 shares and ap 22 000 shares

so uh you can also mix and match that

now it doesn't have to be madam's apd

why this is a scenario

pldt but this is a good tweaking for me

to at least have somewhere around 300

plus thousand pesos on a quarterly basis

because please remember

their dividend payouts are all different

similar to globe you see that they're

giving out four times a year

for pld dates only twice a year

so i just wanted to show you how it

actually looked like if you wanted to

have it on a quarterly basis but for me

i don't look at it on a quarterly basis


look at it more from a yearly

perspective how much

do i get on a yearly perspective because

what i get from a yearly perspective

will be carried on and that will be my

expenses for the next year

so i hope you're getting this i hope

this is not too much numbers for all of


please comment below if you're learning

you're getting this and this is

something that's helping you and smash

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if you're liking this and loving this as

well so that being said

given the payouts that i showed you on

the previous table and given the number

of shares that you own

per stock this is how it will look like

and this is how much

money you will make on a monthly basis

then i'll show you the quarterly

competition in a bit on a monthly basis

of course january you get nothing

february because globe gave out

dividends you have 148

500 pesos march you have miracle giving

you 124

740 000 pesos then you have pldt giving

you seventy four thousand one hundred


then you have a reit giving you thirty

six thousand four hundred then you have

ap giving you twenty five thousand nine

hundred sixty

april nine may you have spc giving you

one hundred thousand pesos and globe

giving you one hundred thirty six

thousand five hundred sixty-five pesos

june gma seven giving you thirty six

thousand pesos

and a reit giving you forty thousand

three hundred pesos july

no dividends august meralco 56 364 pesos

pldt 72 200 pesos globe

136 565 000 pesos

then september erie again 36 400 that's

a difference and when you have something

that gives you on a quarter daily basis

it allows you to get something

cash on on specific intervals october

none november you only have globe giving


136 565 thousand pesos

then december spc 175 000 pesos and then

giving you 40 300. so please remember

guys this is not the exact

value because this could also change

this is just me trying to simulate it

for all of you

you have to take the time to learn and

study what those are you have to take

the time to learn and study

what you're actually buying so again

please do note these are not stock picks

this is this does not mean that if it's

here this is something that you buy

specifically and directly you have to

take the time to learn it for yourself

as well

looking at it from a quarterly basis

adding january february march quarter

one you get around 409 000 pesos

again but if you want to be very very

sick and 100 000 it could be lesser that

means you're buying lesser shares then

quarter number two

april may june you're getting three

hundred twelve thousand eight hundred


then quarter number three july or

september you're getting three hundred

one thousand pesos then

october november december quarter number

four you're getting around 351 000

pesos so there so it fulfills your

300 000 a quarter or 100 000 pesos

a month so the question is this for that

to happen

how much do you need to spend people

might be saying it that looks

good and all marvin but

how much do i need to buy or how much do

i need to shell out again this is based

on august 27 2020 stock prices so please

remember the time that you buy the

prices may be different so

this is at this perspective and this

time only spc

for 250 shares given a stock price of

8.42 pesos

it will cost you 2.1 million gma 7 120


shares 5.14 pesos per share it will cost

you 616

800 pesos for meralco 12 000 shares at

267 pesos per share it will cost you 3.2

million pesos

pldt 1 900 shares at 1446 pesos per

share it will cost you 2.7 million pesos

globe 5 500 shares at two thousand one

hundred thirty four pesos it will cost

you around

eleven million pesos a read one hundred

thirty thousand shares at twenty five

point seventy five pesos it will cost

you three point three million pesos ap

twenty two thousand shares at twenty six

point thirty pesos per share it will

cost you 578 000 pesos adding everything

it will give you a grand total of

24 336 000 pesos so that means

to be able to get around 300 000

pesos a quarter or a hundred thousand

pesos a month you need to invest around

24 million

three hundred thirty six thousand pesos

to be able to get it so you might say is

there another way paramount

twenty four thousand bus there's another

way remember what i said

uh in the previous video that spc is

giving you a larger amount of

dividend yield so that means if you put

more in spc

you could possibly just put a smaller

amount of money because the yield that

you will get from spc would be


higher please do note that spc is not

really that liquid

so please do note the higher the money

that you're putting there it might be

harder to get in and it might be harder

also for you

to get out and as what i said putting it

in one stock and you have a larger

amount of money already it might be more


if you would also split it and be more


so this is how it would look like if

you're putting everything

in spc the dividend is at 1.1 pesos per


that being said also the number of

shares that you need for you to get at


above 1.2 million pesos please remember

1.2 million pesos

is around 100 000 pesos a month you

would need around 1.2 million shares

for that to happen so if i continue

further the total earnings that you

would get from spc is 1.32 million pesos

which is already enough which covers our

100 000 peso a month budget so now how

much do you need to shell out

so please remember because you're

getting a stock that is a higher

dividend yield

the amount of money that you would need

to put in is lesser

so total cost to buy 1.2 million shares

at a stock price of 8.42 pesos would

only be 10.1

million pesos so if you look at it

lesser amount

lesser round number that you would need

to get as compared to 24 million pesos

whereas mixed with other stocks

that the dividend yields are lower so

again i'll repeat it you will get a

higher gain

but again it still would be prudent if

you diversify and split

your portfolio with other stocks that

are in unrelated industries

from this video that i'm showing you

it's either you get seven stocks or 24

million pesos to give you a hundred

thousand pesos

per month or you just get one stock with

a higher dividend yield and just shell

out 10 million pesos but the lesson here

is very very consistent to everything

that i have been sharing over the past

few months and the past few years of me

writing books doing seminars and

creating videos like this

the name of the game in the stock market

is it's still all about volume

volume volume volume volume that's why

i've been urging you in all of the

videos that if you make money

pile it back in if you make money put it

back in because

if you really want to live passively you

really want to live

from cash flow you need to have a large

base you need to have a large volume you

need that as you start earning you put

it back in put it back and put it back

in because

then your base becomes smaller again

then it would be harder for you to earn

passively from dividends that's how you

build wealth

upon wealth upon wealth upon wealth

because that's what passive income is

income that you get you put it back in

and it earns more free and it earns more

for unit earns more for you and that's


it's not sexy but it can be done

this is not something that's glamorous

but if you're prudent

you're disciplined and you're unscathed

when markets are tumbling

you will do very very very very well so

i guess this video would show you and

thank you for that wonderful question

michelle lee from london england

is that passive income is possible that

if you put your money to something that

will give you cash flow it allows you to

live life at your own terms and it also

allows you to live passively

repeatedly for a stretch period of time

and then that's when you get to do what

you want when you want because for me

financial freedom is never about money

it's about living life at your own terms

it's about living what your dream is the

god-given dreams desires and passions

that have been

placed in your heart also please do note

this the higher the amount of money that

you need

to be passive the bigger the amount of

money that you would need to invest in

meaning if your goal is 140 000 pesos

that means you would need to invest

in more money to get that type of return

but if your

number is smaller say 50 000 pesos 60

000 pesos 85 000 pesos

then the round number that you need to

get would be smaller

so guys if you have any questions about

this how do you compute for your round

number how do you

do retirement how do you invest how do

you get that amount of money put them in

the comment section below if you want a

new video topic

based on this as well put them in the

comment section and i'm gonna make

videos like that for you guys so there i

hope that you guys got a lot from this i

hope that this gave you

enough information as possible that it's


to live and get 100 000 pesos

a month purely from dividends that it

can be done

and it's not dependent on how good you

are in trading it's not dependent on

your skillset and technical analysis

it's just you building a base building

volume and buying stocks

with high dividends so if you got a lot

from this

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so there i hope you guys got a lot from

this and i just really wanted to show

you inspired that

it can be done and if you're in your 20s

and in your 30s no now is the best time

to actually start investing

because for you to hit that number your


weapon the biggest thing that can help

you is time

the biggest thing that can help it grow

is right now when you are at the prime

of your careers to put in money to

double down and not waste it on things

that don't matter

put in more wando honeymoon

so that's it for now marvin germa urging

you to invest

right now that this is still one of the

greatest times to be alive

so trade well trade strong trade smart

see you all again soon guys and

god bless you all