Earn and Maximize 100,000 British Airways Avios

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replay of travel hacking 101 this week

we're talking about earning and

maximizing 100,000 British Airways abuse

alright while I wait for a few people to

come on board those of you who are gonna

watch the replay let me introduce

tonight's bourbon if you're new to

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of which is bourbon I'm still working on

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tonight I have Miss Rachael Berkey he's

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throughout the 30-minute show tonight

she's gonna drop several key links a lot

of things that I want you to pay

attention to and save for later so that

they'll always be there when you're

watching this video so lame joke of the

week those of you who've been around

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bourbon is always neat don't worry about

that who wants to dilute it with any

more water so tonight 100,000 British

Airways abuse now before I start those

of you who are out there who've been

around for a little bit are gonna be

naysayers you're gonna say abuse are not

worth anything the fuel surcharges are

too high I don't want to fly British

Airways and then a few of you are gonna

say you know I really love EBI us so I

want everybody to love Avios I don't

want them to have the battery app that

they have for many one owners looks like

we have a good representation tonight

from California hey plymouth UK I went

to high school in the UK for two years

Bolton just north of Manchester lived a

mile away from the Bolton Wanderers

stadium there in the Premier League

their love the UK hope you go and be

going back all right so why 100,000

British Airways evias chase brought back

one of my favorite bonuses for abuse on

the chase British Airways credit card so

here's what they're currently offering I

got this a few years ago and I still

hold on to the British Airways card for

a reason I'll tell you in a minute so

here's the signup bonus 50,000 novios

after you spend $3,000 in three months

you're gonna get another 25,000 a vo s--

after you spend ten thousand dollars

total within the first year so three

thousand already counts so you have to

spend seven thousand more and then you

have the rest of the year to spend

another ten thousand dollars for twenty

thousand dollars total spin and you're

gonna get another twenty five thousand a

vo so if you can put twenty thousand

dollars on a credit card over the course

of a year you're gonna get one hundred

thousand Avios and then of course you're

gonna get your spin so you would end up

with a hundred and twenty thousand

obvious British Airways is a co branded

card that is not subject to five twenty

four Rachel is gonna put the link where

you can find this card in the comments

if you applied for this card after we

get done with tonight's talk through my

link I absolutely get paid a commission

if you're approved do not get a credit

card unless your FICO score is seven

hundred or over do not get a credit card

unless you can meet the minimum spend

and do not get a credit card if you're

ever going to carry a balance I love the

group thanks for the support I do this

because I'm passionate about it and I

want everybody to know how great a

Bewdley are I just saw Austin Texas in

the comments thanks for joining I had my

first trip to Austin when I spoke it

South by Southwest and March had a great

time I see why everybody loves it I have

no idea how that kind of society or City

ended up in Texas but those are really

neat juxtaposition enjoyed it alright so

once you have the card why do I hold on

to it if you're a cardholder you get 10%

off business class British Airways fares

when you stack that with the AARP

discount which is just taking a little

bit of a hit and some of these fare


sells that British Airways has been

heaven across the Atlantic then you can

get really cheap British Airways tickets

in 10% off a business class ticket makes

it really no-brainer for me to hold on

to a disclosure Chase has waived the

annual fee for me because I am

active-duty military one of the reasons

when I get out of the Navy in October

I'm gonna be a little sad as all these

credit cards have had through chase and

Amex and I've never had to pay an annual

fee boom that's gone that's gonna be a

big bummer

all right so into the basics of a Bo

Sears tonight's topics I'm going to tell

you some of the things that you need to

be wary of and you need to know some of

the nuances of a BIOS and then I'm gonna

go right into how you maximize a Bo so

here are the things that I want you to

be wary of when you're using a BIOS and

a few basics about using abuse and if

you're brand new to this abuse is what

British Airways calls their miles av iOS

some of you have been saying it wrong

that's what people like tell me when it

set out well here are some basics about

so the program is distance based

what an award flight is gonna cost you

is how long that flight is in nautical

miles the easiest way to find out how

long your flight is is GC map comm Golf

Charlie map ma p comm you type in your

airport codes and it tells you how long

your flight is you go to the British

Airways distance based award chart and

it says hey my flight is 750 miles long

I'm in zone 2 it's gonna cost me this

many abuse now there are three award

charts for British Airways one is

British Airways peak so it's gonna have

different dates for its peak travel and

they're gonna charge you more abuse

there's off-peak or there's going to be

less abuse and then there's an award

chart when you use two or more one world

partners you want to stay away from that

I'll talk about it and just a little bit

so make sure you know which chart you

need to go and look at and once you know

how long your flight is and remember

when talks about using a BIOS we're

looking to redeem a BIOS on partner

Airlines not British Airways because

British Airways charges ridiculous fuel

surcharges most of the time not all the

time and I'm

be an example a little bit later so if

you don't know how to use pardon

Airlines and relationships go back a few

weeks to my videos on the travel hacking

one on one page let's talk for 30

minutes about that relationship you need

to understand how to use models on

partner Airlines or abuse as British

Airways puzzle so first point know which

a war chart you're supposed to look at

and you want to avoid the two different

partner or war chart once you're flying

British Airways and cafe or British

Airways and American you're going to be

charged significantly more abuse so the

second thing to note is that poor

routing decisions can hurt your abuse

value so if you're not going to take the

most direct the available route that's

gonna add miles to your itinerary and

that means you're gonna be bumped up

into a higher award chart possibly so if

you're looking to fly from the Midwest

to Europe you don't want to go on

American Airlines from Chicago to Miami

and then over to Europe because that's

gonna be a lot farther than going on

Orlando to New York I'm sorry Chicago to

New York and then to Europe you could

possibly bump yourself up into the next

war chart so availability dependent when

you do search make sure you click on

each option that appears because they're

not gonna cost the same either because

your routing is less direct or because

you're using more than one airline and

it's gonna push you on to the to partner

airline chart and cost you more abuse so

how much more obvious is it gonna cost

you if you mix British Airways partners

here's a good example if you fly Cathay

Pacific a member of the oneworld

alliance and you can use abuse on anyone

world member if you fly Cathay Pacific

from bangkok to hong kong to Tokyo and


there's gonna be thirty thousand abuse

and remember a great thing about habeas

is because they charge you by segment by

flight you can use stopovers at no extra

cost so you can fly bangkok to hong kong

stay in hong kong as long as you want

and then hong kong up to tokyo is still

gonna cost you the same thirty thousand

abuse assuming both flights are on

Cathay Pacific if you take the exact

same route from bangkok to hong kong and

then hong kong

Tokio except you fly Royal Jordanian

which does a fifth freedom route from

bangkok to hong kong you're gonna bump

yourself over to the to partner war

chart and instead of paying 30,000 a BS

you're gonna pay seventy thousand

obvious or sorry I think it's thirty

five thousand and seventy thousand

you're gonna double the number of

obvious that you pay because you're

using more than one airline those

flights actually leave within ten

minutes of each other so if you say hey

it's really cool to fly Royal Jordanian

on the fifth freedom I've always wanted

to try them out you're gonna pay twice

as many a views so don't mix partners if

you don't have to so that you stay on

the single partner award chart alright

the next thing to know about abuse is

phantom award availability so Rachel's

gonna put up a couple links from the

executive club website British Airways

Executive Club where you earn a BIOS the

first is gonna be a link that leads you

to a place where you need to insert your

login and then you're gonna be on the

home page of my executive club where you

can do an award search when you do an

award search oftentimes what shows up on

British Airways will not be the truth

for a word flight so it's gonna say

especially on connecting flights

hey there's five Premium Economy

available seats on Cathay Pacific from

New York to Hong Kong to Bali that may

not be the case so you need to verify

that either by using the Qantas website

which will all show also show you one

world availability or you need to call

the British Airways executive club and

confirm the award seats that you see

online are truly available especially

for connecting flights this happened a

few weeks ago and a few sites threw up

headlines that said hey look five

first-class seats are available and it

was phantom award availability and we

all kind of had to tuck our tails

beneath ourselves a little bit because

that wasn't the case now when you go to

call British Airways if you call the

British Airways Executive Club line for

the United States you're gonna be on

hold forever and ever and then ever so

what you want to do is get yourself a

Skype account and you want to call a my


the Tokyo call center or the Hong Kong

call center remember Hong Kong former

British colony big presence there they

still have a call center and you can

usually get through a lot quicker

especially Tokyo I lived in Tokyo for

three years called them all the time and

they almost picked right up every time

so a $100 tip for the night call Tokyo

or Hong Kong all right and then the last

thing you want to know about British

Airways everybody said everybody talks

about are the fuel surcharges if you

redeem a vyas on long-haul British

Airways flights from the United States

to Europe or Europe to Asia or South

Africa you're gonna pay big-time bucks

and you have to look at it as you're

really just subsidizing your flight cost

you're not really viewing an award

flight if you're dead set on going to

Europe and you're not making a stop

because you have kids you want to fly

British Airways Ralph from Seattle or

even from Austin Texas on the new

Dreamliner over to London you don't want

to stop you want to subsidize your

flight costs pay that's what's great

about travel hacking you can do what

works for you but you're still gonna pay

anywhere from 150 for an economy flight

maybe 400 $500 for a business class

flight and on up so given how cheap

flights are to Europe I don't

particularly recommend doing that but if

you want to fly British Airways if you

want to fly nonstop from Austin Texas

well then hey subsidize your flight with

a BIOS and it's definitely an option the

ways that you can avoid fuel surcharges

number one are domestic flights on

American Airlines pretty difficult to do

these days because availability is just

not there but you will not pay more than

five dollars and 60 cents and the same

goes for flying domestically with any

other partners so s71 world Russian

airline a lot of people overlook it but

if you get a Russian visa and you want

to go to work use a BS to fly around

Russia with no fuel surcharges on s7

Airlines Japan Airlines I'm gonna talk

about a little bit more and then some

short hauls on Malaysia Airlines on

some enter European airlines that I

don't really recommend using a BIOS

entry European because with all the

low-cost carriers it's so cheap to Huff

around the anyway so we're the one do

that and then some of the short hauls

for Qatar Airways out of Doha if you

want to fly around the Middle East you

can avoid fuel surcharges so just be

cognizant of that but that by no means

is the reason to write off this currency

so I'm gonna take a couple questions

here before I move in please put your

questions up throughout the night I

really want to interact with you the

first one it looks like we have a tip

here it says this car just became 524

this week definitely gonna jump on this

be a card soon looks like a Sun

put that up if you have a source for

that I would love to read about that

that's definitely news to me it's never

been subject to 5:24 before if you're

unfamiliar with what I mean by Chase


go to your friend mr. Google right now

and type in dr. of credit 524 it's gonna

say first search results gonna be

everything you knew about Chase 524 go

ahead and read that and make sure you're

aware so another question

Dinah says oh asan said I just became

524 all right that makes a lot more

sense cuz I was like man I haven't seen

that so good to know be a card still not

subject to 524 you can still get a

hundred thousand abuse via the link that

rachel has put in the video so another

question Dinah says will this impact our

chances of getting a Chase Sapphire

Reserve a few things you need to be

aware of if you apply for the British

Airways card yes it will count as an

inquiry yes will count as a new credit

card line of credit you've opened in the

last 24 months so it can affect your

chances there if it pushes you over 524

also if you apply for Chase Sapphire

Reserve and the British Airways in short

order chase may say we've given you all

the credit that we're going to give you

we're not gonna give you another chase

card I would definitely go for the

sapphire reserve first if you're under

five 24 all right so let's get into the

really good stuff how do you maximize

these abuse the first thing and my

favorite way to use a BIOS and my

favorite way is always gonna remain the

same is on Japan Airlines domestic

flights said earlier lived in Japan for

three years getting around Japan can be

incredibly expensive no matter which way

you do it the Shinkansen bullet train is

incredible experience you need to try

but there are a few limitations number

one and in itself is expensive but also

if you want to go to Hokkaido the

northern ireland island where sapporo is

and world-renowned sapporo ice festival

you can't take the bullet train there

those flights are very expensive

domestically Tokyo to Osaka Tokyo to

Sapporo it can get expensive especially

during the holidays these flights can go

for four or five hundred dollars there

only 4500 abuse and three dollars in

taxes and fees all the time

there's flights every 30 minutes for

every hour in between cities and there's

always three four five seven award seats

using AB us available on these Japan

airline flights because they're flown by

triple 7 so on a 45-minute flight from

Tokyo to Osaka on a 50-minute flight

from Tokyo to Sapporo during the Ice

Festival you're gonna fly a Boeing

triple7 you're gonna pay 4,500 a B us

you're not gonna pay 500 dollars you get

around and see Japan all that you want

for a minimal amount of Abydos and you

save your cash take the train once it's

pretty good hey Jason I see there always

being a smart aleck you're one of my

based critics thanks for that taking the

train to Ireland yep sometimes we messed

up on live video but you're paying

Airlines domestic flights a view us fly

down to Okinawa for 7,500 a biosis it's

a two-hour flight but again a great

island to see a great way to get around

how do we use a vose here in the states

that make sense

33,000 a BIOS to fly from the west coast

to Europe how do you do it

Aer Lingus Irish airline speaking of


Jason has just been bought by the parent

group of British Airways company called

IAG eventually you're gonna be able to

transfer your abuse over to the Aer

Lingus program or Navi us on Aer Lingus

but for right now you can't book it

online but you can call and any of the

West Coast or Florida or Chicago flights

are gonna be seventeen sixteen thousand

five hundred I think it is each way for

a total of thirty three thousand abuse

round-trip and economy Aer Lingus flies

to Chicago

Los Angeles San Francisco Orlando and

Miami and round-trip on Aer Lingus is

33,000 heavy us the fuel surcharges are

minimal so you don't have to worry about

it you cannot book it on va.com how do

you find space head over to United comm

which you can also use United miles to

book Aer Lingus and you can find space

there and then once you find the award

space using the United Mileage Plus

award search engine British Airways

usually has the same excess you call it

British Airways up the Hong Kong or the

Tokyo spot not in the United States line

and you can book it that way so what a

great way to do it if you want to fly

business you can pay double a BIOS for

that Aer Lingus does have a brand new

british business class product flying on

some of their planes so make sure that

you get the brand new bid business class

product not the old one if you are going

to splurge for that another great way to

use a bia sif you want to try the best

airline lounge in the entire world

the owl swap lounge and doha is eighteen

thousand abuse because you can book a

first-class ticket from Doha to Muscat

Oman on Qatar Airlines for eighteen

thousand AB us because you're

first-class ticket holder you get access

to that lounge and you can experience

the best lounge in the world for only

18,000 a Buse how else do we maximize

that from here in the States so Hawaii

everybody wants to go to Hawaii I get a

question every single day about hey how

do I use miles to Hawaii it's well known

that you can use a BIOS on a mare

Airlines to fly to Hawaii from the west

coast for 12,500 miles it's really great

if you can find the space so I'm off the

bandwagon of a BIOS are great because

you can fly American Airlines well no

you can't because you can't even use

American my house to fly American

Airlines at a reasonable cost there's no

such thing

that's a saver availability space so you

have to find American Sabre space in

order to book the flight using ambulance

to Hawaii well good luck that's probably

not gonna happen if it does

congratulations you're really lucky so

what you want to do is use a buttes to

fly Alaska Airlines not a member of the

oneworld alliance but you can use a V us

on Alaska you cannot book it online you

have to call find the Alaska

availability and use your heaviest

what's the great part of this Alaska

flies a lot of routes to Hawaii that

people forget about and therefore

there's more reward seats so you can fly

Alaska Airlines to Hawaii from San Jose

California from San Diego and then

obviously from Seattle but you can also

fly to other airports besides Honolulu

you can fly Alaska Airlines to Maui and

people forget about these routes or

people are too lazy to go in search or

they assume they only fly to Honolulu

then you want to look at those Alaska

flights using a Buse and that still

12,500 a views because remembers

distance base from the west coast

remember west coast charged by segment

and then you want to go and use Alaska

Airlines to Hawaii 25,000 roundtrip

it's only a five-hour flight from the

west coast you don't need to worry about

business class you don't need to worry

about why flat if you're flying from New

York City non-stop on United Honolulu

then you can worry about that just get

the great deal out of the obvious and go

see quite and get away from Honolulu go

see some of the good stuff I just booked

Grand Hyatt quiet for myself and my wife

Emily and January really excited about

it okay

a couple questions I see some good

comments going through I did not miss

Boston I'm gonna tell you

mr. Raum uh no ROM very well here's why

I didn't mention Boston a couple months

ago British Airways and their instant

wisdom said you know what that's too

good of a deal

Boston is too close to Dublin we're

gonna move Boston seven miles west and

we're gonna make them charge more miles

into the next award ban now I understand

that the continental plates are

separating a few millimeters every year

but in my calculations how many

millimeters and years of it take to get

Boston seven miles further from Dublin

is a lot longer than we're gonna be here

using a vo so I refuse to talk about

that any further than I have British

Airways hey quit doing that

quit moving cities further apart so it

costs more obvious that's why I didn't

mention Boston but good comment

appreciate that get off my soapbox here

so Jason asked if one doesn't have an

Erin Lingus account now and no plans to

use them in the short term would you go

through the trouble or wait for

integration let me see if I understand

your question here you don't need an air

Lingus account to book Aer Lingus you

can use your same British Airways Avios

account to look Aer Lingus there's no

reason to wait for integration as far as

I'm concerned if I'm misunderstanding

your question we can talk about it later

and then one more question here looks

like Gary says would that be 30 throws

33,000 abuse from Boston New York or

Charleston South Carolina - I'm from

Ireland and living in the u.s. just got

the be a card and want to go home for

Christmas so a couple of things to

remember here Gary British Airways

charges by segment so yes you can fly

from New York or Boston to Dublin with

Aer Lingus but you're also gonna have to

be paying a bios for that segment from

Charleston up to Boston or up to New

York so it's gonna be more than that

there's no hey East Coast is in a zone

Ireland's in a zone his distance base in

this by segment the good news you can

fly Charleston to Boston spend a few

days in Boston and then Boston over to

Dublin it's gonna cost you no more abuse

than if you went Charleston Boston

doubling in the same

to try and explore the world a little

bit and build in stopovers so going down

a few things I'll tell you not to do

with abuse and I see Rahm is already

contradicting one of my statements here

but do not fly British Airways with your

abuse asterik unless you're flying a

fifth freedom route yesterday I put up

the fifth freedom route that British

Airways flies from the Grand Cayman

Island to Nassau that my family is gonna

take this November we're gonna spend a

week in Grand Cayman and then a week in

Nestle for cheap for very free hotels

and it's four thousand abuse per person

$27.50 there's some confusion in the

group right now about why British

Airways is charging a hundred dollars

per person taxes when they search it and

why it's only charging me $27.50 in

taxes I think it shows up as a saver

off-peak availability there's a little

asterisk icon next to my search I'm

gonna have to research it some more

exactly what that's happened but British

Airways fifth freedom routes another

great one is interest South Africa you

can find a British Airways fifth freedom

round where not very many taxes and fees

in order to fly it so keep an eye on

those kinds of routes and that really

goes for a lot of other airlines fifth

freedoms can be absolutely fantastic so

I'm really excited about that flight it

would be four hundred eighty eight

dollars per person no other airline

flies nonstop from the grand Caymans to

the Bahamas to Nestle so the fact that

we get to do that pay four thousand I do

is for my wife and I and then you can

book British Airways abuse infant and

child tickets at 10% of the cost of

abuse online so you don't have to pay

the 10% fee of an adult fare when you do

an award search put in the ages of your

children and it will show you the total

miles so four thousand for my wife and I

and then for my three-year-old and my

one-year-old it's only an additional

four thousand five hundred Abby owes

total so the four of us are gonna fly

for thirteen thousand five hundred a bo

and $27.50 or sorry times two for the

adults it would be $55 I think total

taxes and fees so a great thing to

consider that route alone in the

Caribbean is pretty awesome

so don't fly British Airways unless

you're going to look at these fifth

freedom routes and avoid those fuel

surcharges if you're flying them into

Europe they have flat fuel surcharges

you're not gonna pay any more than I

think a hundred bucks but again so many

discount carriers in Europe that it's

just not worth it to use obvious number

to you the things you do not want to do

with abuse hotels car rentals and you

can use abuse for on board snacks bring

your own snacks don't do that there is

an interesting award search engine for

hotels using a BIOS where you can use a

mixture of a BIOS and cash to kind of

subsidize your hotel I think Ron

commented a little bit ago that in some

certain situations that's a good deal

starting with 101 in beginners I'm gonna

make that same blanket statement to you

don't use a BIOS to book hotels or car

rentals definitely not and then on board

snacks come on what is 4,000 a BS to fly

from the grand Caymans to Nestle and

you're gonna redeem it for a bottle of

water on board even though British

Airways is starting to charge for

everything they're trying to make

themselves into a low-cost carrier we're

not gonna fly British Airways so it

doesn't matter all right the third thing

you need to be aware of and Rachel's

gonna throw another link up here do not

credit partner flights to a BIOS unless

you've checked their earning rates first

so if you say what 4500 abuses all I

need to fly into Japan I'm gonna credit

my next American flight to my IBS


well what fare are you gonna be flying

on American Airlines make sure you check

what that fare class on American earns

on a view is it can be as little as 25%

for American Airlines some other one

world cares if you're booking basic

cheap fare classes you may not earn

anything so that's the third thing you

don't need to do I just got a question

out of the corner of my eye here what

about using a Buse within Australia and

New Zealand great question I'll tell you


two days ago I'm looking at flights from

Sydney to Melbourne

in just about 15 days now I'm flying

down to Sydney on American Airlines and

I was wanting to go visit a second city

so Qantas one world partner they fly

from Sydney to Melbourne every 30

minutes almost every day but I had read

a few articles a couple weeks ago and

maybe even in the last year that Qantas

just updated their business class

product on the a330 widebodies which

they fly domestically and sure enough I

went to the Avios award search engine

and there is an a330 brand-new business

class product right at noon flight time

from Cindy down to Melbourne I booked it

for nine thousand a BIOS I'm gonna fly

economy on the way back because it's

only about an hour and a half flight and

I don't really care too much so for

13,500 a view of some flying into

Australia brand-new business class

product on a wide-body economy back when

you look up the fare that's about a $750

fare for flying business class one-way

13,500 AB use transferred in from Chase

transferred in from MX although MX is

not a one-to-one ratio is 250 to 200

keep that in mind so better to transfer

chase really a great deal and I'm pretty

excited about that short hop because

it's a brand new flight I get domestic

business class access to the lounge in

Sydney so I hope that answer your

question went off on a tangent all right

a couple other things I'm going to share

I'm right here at 30 minutes I haven't

even had another sip of my Noah's Mill

Kentucky small-batch bourbon pretty good

stuff I'm going to share with you two

other things not forget locked ham is

the airline in South America that is the

one world partner they fly over a lot of

really interesting routes specifically

Easter Island Tahiti

they fly to Auckland New Zealand from

Santiago you would think you could use a

vos on these routes you can use them on

the Auckland ah if you're looking to get

to Easter Island or the Galapagos using

a BIOS and my experience is not gonna


they do not release award seats except

to their own program but here is my


now my unicorn in the award search world

once a week

locked ham flies from Santiago Chile to

the Falkland Islands and if you familiar

with the British and Argentinian war of

the 1980s the last time a submarine sunk

a ship in aggression I'm a submariner

spent my first three years in the Navy

on a submarine you can go visit the

Falkland Islands and there's been

rumored to be award availability for

10,000 a biosis it's an incredibly

expensive flight I love using points and

miles to go to obscure places in the

world and I want to fly from Santiago to

the Falkland Islands on locked ham for

10,000 IBS really bad so if anybody

finds that availability please shoot me

a private message and I'll be sure to

book it as quick as I can

all right that's a lot of information

about abuse Rachael's gonna throw the

link out one more time the offer right

now from Chase British Airways card not

subject to 524 100,000 Avios you have to

spend $20,000 over the course of a year

it's tiered fifty thousand abuse after

three thousand dollars in three months

twenty-five thousand abuse after ten

thousand dollars was in the first year

25,000 additional Abby owes after 20,000

so that's 20 thousand total not stacked

on top of each other do not get every

Ward's earning credit card unless your

FICO scores over 700 do not get it

unless you can meet minimum spin do not

get it unless you can never carry a

balance if you use my links I absolutely

get paid a commission does it cost you

anything I love this group I greatly

appreciate the support if you choose to

use my links I'm gonna say two more

questions and I'm gonna hop off so we

can all go to bed all right Gretchen

says can I combine my abuse points with

my husband's great question

yes and it's free unlike many programs

in the world

you can pool British Airways abused for

free into family accounts and the head

of the account can use as a Buse as he

pleases so I have that with my family a

couple years ago Emily

wife and I both got the hundred thousand

offer and just like that two hundred

thousand a BIOS in a single account and

it makes it really easy to go a lot of

places when I'm talking about flights

that give you value for four thousand or

four thousand five hundred abuse

absolutely fantastic great question

thanks for asking that

Helga says is it worth the spin so you

gotta have opportunity cost how much

spin can you generate what is the

opportunity cost of putting twenty

thousand Avios our twenty thousand

dollars and spin on this card versus

another car that can get you higher

returns my advice is always what is your

next travel hacking goal where do you

want to go if a vos helped you get there

faster a hundred thousand a BIOS is

really hard to turn down if you can't

spend two thousand dollars a month on a

credit card

twenty thousand dollars is gonna take

you a long time to do it you need to

wait you're on your own

if Abby owes help you reach your next

goal and if that spin on this card can

make it happen

this card used to earn one and a half

times Avios on all spins per dollar it

was awesome

unfortunately they took that away a few

years ago alright thanks so much for

joining tonight it's an exciting week

and exciting time if you're still

watching please tell me where you want

to go with your a BIOS and one of you

who comments and tells me your

destination is gonna win six months of

award wallet plus award well that's

fantastic so tell me your destination

right now my moderator Rachel thanks

Rachel for your help tonight and

throwing all the links in there and

keeping me on task with my notes that I

have over here always a lot of fun

Rachel's gonna tell me a winner once you

start telling me your destination an

exciting time in the group I can tell

you there are big plans in the future

for travel hacking 101 and I'm flying

tomorrow off in the sky I'm gonna be

traveling for the next four days down to

Orlando and Disneyworld I'm not a Disney

guy I don't know much about it but I'm

on a bit of a conference here so I'm

excited to see what's gonna happen so

follow the group from my pictures I'm

staying on property for the first time I

know a lot of your Disney nuts so I hope

to pass on a lot of information big

things on the horizon for travel hacking

101 really excited about where

going thanks for joining in thanks for

supporting me what'd you do I hope you

enjoy my banter in the group I have what

I think is a developed sense of humor

this video will be available for replay

on the travel heck's and one on one page

and if you're a fan of bourbon Noah's

Mill Kentucky small-batch bourbon always

great all right Rachel I'm gonna leave

it to you to tell me the winner I see a

lot of really great destinations coming

through here for six months of award

wallet plus if you're not using award

wallet you've really not a true travel

hacker you need to use it really a great

place to keep track of all of your

points and models let's see Rachel you

throw me a winner up here yet all right

and our winner tonight six months award

walk plus is Meghan Bret Burke I'm

planning the trip to Australia and now I

want to use a BS to fly with in

Australia Megan you're the winner

congratulations six months of award well

plus I'll be sure to send some pictures

of my domestic flight in Australia

thanks so much everybody for tuning in

Megan please send me a direct message so

I can hook you up with your code and

then Rachel thanks for your help really

enjoy the group see you guys next time

follow me through my adventures in

Disney World over the next 4 days get

you next time