How To Make $100,000 In A Year

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Hey. This is Stefan, from projectlife

mastery.com and in this video I'm going

to answer a question that someone sent

me on Snapchat. The questions is, "Stefan,

how can I make a hundred thousand

dollars in a year?" To answer this

question I think first and foremost you

got to understand that the amount of

money that you make right now in your

life is in direct proportion to the

amount of value that you're adding. Okay.

I'm going to say that one more time. The

amount of money that you make is in

direct proportion to the amount of value

that you add. That's value that you

add to your employer, value that you add

to your company, to your business, to the

marketplace in terms of creating

products and services that actually add

value to people's lives and actually solve

problems and meet people needs and

help them with their goals, desires, or

whatever that might be. Right now,

if you get paid $10 an hour and

maybe you work at McDonald's, that

$10 that you're getting paid for every hour

is based on the value that you're

providing. You're giving value to

McDonald's, to the current job that you have

right now and they're paying you the

appropriate amount of money that

warrants the amount of value that you're

providing back to them. Okay. For example,

just taking orders and flipping

hamburgers that is not the most valuable

thing in the world. It doesn't require much

skill, doesn't require much intelligence.

They already have systems in place for

that and so you're getting paid $10

an hour to basically

trading your time for the amount of

value that you're providing

back to them. If you want to make more

money here's what you have to understand,

if you want to make a hundred thousand

dollars in a year, you got to start

asking yourself the question what are

the skills, the knowledge, the qualities

that I need to develop within myself to

become more valuable, number one. Then,

number two, what value do I need to

contribute? What do I need to give to

others and what kind of value do I

need to provide in order to be paid a

hundred thousand dollars in a year?

That's why I believe one of the most

important things you can do is to always

invest in and improve yourself. That's

how I became a multimillionaire is

I started when I was 17 years old and I

started reading books. Then that led

me to going to seminars and then that led

me to buying online courses and training

programs and that led me to hiring

coaches and mentors and I've been

rinsing and repeating that process for

the last 13 years of my life. Constantly

growing, improving. Last month I went to

four different seminars,

investing thousands of dollars into

myself so that I can become more

valuable. When I'm more valuable that

allows me to be able to add more value

to others, it allows me to share my ideas

and be more creative and create things

that are valuable that people are

willing to pay for. People only pay

for it because it actually helps them

achieve goals and results that

they're after in their lives. Okay. That's

how business works. That's how the

marketplace works if you want to make

more money. If you're an

entrepreneur you get paid for solving

people's problems at a profit.

That's what an entrepreneur does.

There's certain problems that exist

in the marketplace, you create a product,

or a service that helps solve that problem

and people will pay you for that and

then you get paid more based on having

more customers, or maybe charging a

higher rate. It may be a more

high ticket business that you're in. You

don't need as many customers, but how is

it that someone's able to charge

$10,000 for a product, or

service that they have is because it's

worth $10,000 worth of

value. Okay. That first and

foremost again comes down to the foundation

you got to improve yourself, you got

to grow, you got to develop your skills,

your talents, your gifts. Improve yourself,

because as Jim Rohn said, "Your income

seldom exceeds your personal development."

I'll say that one more time, your

income seldomly exceeds your level of

personal development. The more that you

grow, the more that you make money, the

more that you're going to excel in your

life, the more you're going to become a

more valuable person that other people

are going to be willing to pay a premium

for your products, services, your expertise,

or whatever that might be. That's

where your focus has to be. Your focus

has to be constantly growing and

improving and then at the same time

getting outside yourself and focusing on

making an

impact, making a difference. I know for

myself, in my business, the formula is

simple. The more people that I impact the

more people I add value to and

I do that by creating

high quality content and sharing my

ideas and being transparent and trying

to really, really help other people. I do

that by putting my needs secondary to

the needs to the people that are

watching my videos and consuming my

content, because in order to make an

impact I got to put the other people

ahead of myself. I'm always thinking

who's my audience and how can I serve

them? I'm thinking about who's my

audience more than my content, because I want

understand who is this that I'm really

communicating with and how can I add as

much value to them. I know that if I do

that, if I deliver for you, that you're

probably going to like me, you're

probably going to trust me a little bit

more and maybe want to get to know

me and maybe follow me and who knows, if

you receive benefit and value of

something that I say here then maybe

that could lead to a potential

opportunity of you and I doing business

together. I do that. I

understand that if I create more premium

products and services and I create

things and I create new content and ideas and

strategies and I work with people and I can

help them achieve a certain level

of success in their life, or solve certain

problems they currently have then people

are more than happy to pay for that and

if you over deliver to customers that

you have then they're going to become a

raving fan. They're going to buy from you

again and again and again. That's how

you're in business longterm is

constantly providing more value.

That's my obsession. That's my obsession.

I know that the more people that I help,

the more people that I serve, the more money

that I make. Oftentimes that's

where my focus is primarily

in my life, how can I add more value? How

can I give more? This project,

or product that I'm working on

right now, how can that make more of a

difference? I know the money will come

after that. I think Zig Ziglar

said, "If you help enough people get what

they want in life, then you too can have

what you want." That's just some food

for thought for you. That's how I would

perceive it. If you want to make a 100K in a

year think, how can I grow and how can I

give so that I can make that amount of

money? If you want to make a million dollars

a year, how can I grow, become

valuable that people are wiling to pay

that amount, or how can I attract people,

or how can I add so much value with the new

products, service, whatever it might be that

it can result in making a million

dollars? The number two answer that I have

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I also go into how long on average it

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If you're looking for more deeper

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Okay, projectlifemastery.com/

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Add more value. That's how you're going to

make more money. Thanks for watching. I'll

see you in the next video.