How to achieve investment returns of 10% and above?

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how to achieve returns of 10% and above

I constantly talk how current market

returns are extremely low and offer too

much risk for those little returns the

API offers returns for 5% in the long


while the risk is always a 50 to 70

percent loss now how to achieve a return

in this market and in any market above

then prevent well it's not that


you just have to apply a little bit of

common sense to what you are doing

I'll show you a few examples and

determine freedom free rules that you

have to follow and I'm sure your returns

will be much higher

the first rule is very simple don't

settle for we learn that are lower than

percent that's it how do we determine

with the return look at the earnings of

a stock if the earnings this is the

price earnings ratio is Iran then then

you know you can expect returns of 10%

if the price earnings ratio is around 20

you can expect the links of 5% if the

price earnings ratio is around 5 edited

for MC there is an expected terms of 20%

per year it's as simple as that

in the long term so investors always

think we have to invest we have to that

we have to invest well and invest if you

don't find an investment that offers you

10 percent or more don't do anything now

there are always investments that offer

10% they're always around I showed you

the answer video there will be other

videos that I will show you with

investments that offer more than 10% we

also did the cover video recently also


other examples now Buffett bought a

stake of about two million in before big

US airlines he invested two billion in

Delta Airlines Southwest Airlines United

Continental Holdings American airline

Airlines Group he left in those company

when American Airlines was certified and

had a bright earnings ratio of 4.77

4.77 that is a 20% return on investment

from earnings Delta Airlines stock price

was 48 the price earnings were 7.65 50%

return now the stock price is already 52

units Continental Holdings the software

was 48 person is ratio of 7.87 in the

quarter when but it was by now the value

77 Southwest Airlines the price was 38

the price earnings ratio was 10 went off

it was buying now is 60 1.89 another

example of bucket buying when she

started to buy his apples take the price

earnings ratio was below 10 so just a

few months ago you could have bought

Apple let's say 12 months ago as the

price earnings ratio below 10 tests 10

percent return risk very low risk I

think Apple will sell iPhones for the

next decade or whatever new product is

out there because the customer base is

very loyal so if you look at that and if

you don't do anything else until you

find an investment that has satisfying

return of about 10% and lower risk

you cannot lose and in the long term you

will achieve returns of about 10% the

second true very closely related to the

first rule is until you don't you find

low risk high return investment you

don't do anything you just file cache

you pile up cash and you sit down and


it waited the prices lower themselves

and the tongue but something falls into

your fishing man this is pretty much

what bucket is doing in the last three

years that net acceleration became

inflated he has been simply firing up

cash and waiting for a good investment

he sketched balance almost doubled in

the last three years and it went from

around 40 billion to the current almost

90 billion dollars so bucket has a

loaded gun ready to shoot but he doesn't

shoot at everything he waits so that the

return on investment from earnings is

around 10% he is even happy now due to

the amount of money he has with eight

nine percent twenty forty years ago he

was only happy with twenty percent so

it's you will get what you look for also

in the investment world and the first

thing to look at is perhaps losing the

most important is whisk now you can find

an investment okay this yields 10

percent if that investment is very risky

then eager to see what is the

probability that a investment goes

bankrupt doesn't heal the expected 10

percent and of course yields what you

expect and then you have to put this

equal probability chart see how it

affect your portfolio and see what is

the expected return for the risk in

order to yield 10 percent for example I

have to make here the table we have five

investments ABCDE we're free of them

will yield ten percent one we wiill zero

and we can sell it after five years for

the same amount that we paid for and one

will go bankrupt returns after five

years are cumulative positive we let the

50,000 the return is 50,000 but the

yearly yield is frequent 10% which is

not dead because - in the

not for the whole portfolio will very

risky in order to mitigate for the risk

we have to find a better if one company

of the past can go bankrupt one will do

nothing and free will achieve the

expected return we have to find yields

of 20%

American Airlines at the price earnings

ratio of below five was one such company

yes there is a possibility that the

company goes bankrupt in the next 5 10

20 years but if you know five similar

companies then the probability that all

go bankrupt is very low but you have a

portfolio that has a certain amount of

risk but a very high probability that

you will reach 10% for example in this

chart skipper as before ten thousand

investors in each company return after

five years to the 30 percent yield total

return after five years in an 81% and

the average yearly yield is ten point

twenty percent of course they

exaggerated this with one company going

bankrupt out of five one doing nothing

if you are intelligent smart and really

careful about the risk I'm sure it's

possible in any environment by to find

five investment it has a much lower risk

or even ten investment during a longer

period of time one two years that can

offer within higher than 10 percent with

low risk perhaps one out of ten will go

bankrupt two will do nothing and the

rest will achieve their expected returns

this is already much higher than what's

going on in the market currently the

people simple solution just set a target

I want this for that risk and don't

settle for anything less it will make

your investment investments much much

easier the current market is a forest

there are many stories about growth

however those investments are very very

risky but when the tide shifts in a bear


those are for each investment panic

sells bank selling will make them very

very cheap that you would usually happen

to just into the station and buy up cash

as an example I'll show you again this

is my favorite Church 1987 after the

October crash butter started to buy

coca-cola and he bought his entire

position as 2.3 dollar per current

adjusted price now 30 years later

just his dividend from one stock is one

point forty eight dollars per share that

he gets sixty five four percent on his

initial investment per year now so if

you know what you're doing if you're

willing to do the analysis if you're

willing to invest and only wet invest

when your risk is low and return above

ten percent in ten twenty years you can

have returns that are sixty percent

sixty percent on your initial investment

just from the dividend excuse those

investments during your whole whole

lifetime and you're set for life

I think it's works to be patient and

wait for all the criteria to align high

return a little low risk thank you for

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