5 WAYS to MAKE $10 a DAY WITHOUT a JOB (2018)!

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what's up guys I over here and welcome

to a brand new video on the channel now

in today's video I am going to be

showing you guys five different ways you

can make $10 a day now all these methods

are very very different some of them

involved websites some of them are

requiring apps you can do you know

writing or you can do surveys there's

five completely different methods that

you can use and you can make about ten

dollars a day with a couple hours of

work on these different applications but

if you put in more work you can make

even more money and these are people

that maybe don't have a job or you have

a few extra hours over the summer and

you're saving up for something small

like a video game these are the perfect

ways you can make some extra money this

summer now that being said make sure you

hit that like button down below and

let's get started so I'm going to get

over the most basic method first which

is going to be through flipping

different objects basically flipping

means that you buy something at a low

price and you sell it at a higher price

and the profits are yours to keep now if

you want to learn more about flipping a

really good resource is reddit.com slash

are slash flipping but you can do

flipping on various websites such as

Kijiji which is a Canadian Craigslist

Craigslist or Ebay I used to do this a

lot in grade 8 or what I would do is I

would look and buy iPhones that are one

or two cities down and I would see that

iPhone and if it was at a low price I

would try to negotiate it down and if

someone was interested in selling me

their iPhone I would take that same

iPhone and post an ad for it in my own

City because a lot of people don't look

at multiple cities so if someone in my

city wants to buy the same iPhone at a

higher price I would go to the other

city buy the iPhone go to my city and

install the iPhone for 50 to $100 more

and in that day I would make 50 to $100

for about an hour to of work you can do

this with a variety of different things

including electronics clothing whatever

you enjoy are knowledgeable about you

can find different places to buy it at a

lower price and then sell them at a

higher price

now the second method to making money is

going to be through an Amazon website

called MTurk now MTurk is basically a

place for businesses to put up different

tasks that they want people to do that

robots can I do so they don't wanna hire

somebody but they don't want to have a

program to do it because they need a

human to do it this could involve

testing out a website or maybe just

clicking a few buttons but basically you

can sign up as someone who actually does

these different options and you can get

paid you know anywhere from a few

pennies to a dollar or more based on the

action you do and this can add up over

time and as you do more hour activities

you can unlock them and it's really

really cool it's very save as' through

Amazon so I would definitely check out

MTurk now the third method is not going

to be through doing different you know

clicking and surveys it's going to be

through writing reviews and it's going

to be on a website called slice the pie

now basically what slice the pie is is

it's a website where you sign up and

there is a bunch of different artists on

this website and you have to listen to a

clip of this song and once you listen to

the clip of the song you go ahead and

you write a review about the song and

you get paid for the review that you're

right now one tip i have for this is you

don't have to like fully listen to the

song think about it and then write the

review if you want to save time just

type out your review as you're writing

as you're listening to the song and you

can save a lot of time that way i know

at this start it pays very low like you

know two to five cents per song you

listen to and it takes about 30 seconds

to a minute to listen to the songs but

as you listen to more songs it speeds up

and you also make more money per song


now the fourth method I'm going to be

mentioning is going to be done straight

through your phone and it's through an

app made by Google and it's called

Google opinion rewards and it is agency

survey app so it's very simple you sign

up and you can make around you know like

10 cents to $1 per survey that you do

and you can do these surveys throughout

the day and it depends on the day how

many surveys there are but this is a

really easy method because you can do

this straight from your phone it's owned

by Google it's very safe and secure and

you can use the currency that you get

and you can also use it on the Play

Store so maybe if you're someone who

wants to make micro transactions this

would be the app you want to download

and this is the method you can use to

make money to buy whatever micro

transactions you want or you can have

the money you know sent to your PayPal

now in my opinion Google opinion rewards

pay is the least amount and there's not

surveys always available for you

depending on your location so I would

pair this with one of the other methods

and just do it in your spare time and

get a few extra dollars this way instead

of making it the primary method to

making money

and the final method that you can make

money online is through an application

called startup lift now startup lift is

a website where other startups are going

to post their website and their content

and your job is to go on that website

and to review it because startups want

to make sure that their websites are

functioning properly and that everything

is displayed properly and they want real

human feedback which is why you guys can

go on this website and for every review

that you write or every website that you

review you will get paid $5 so this one

it accumulates a lot more quickly but

you do have to put in more time for each

review that you do and once you do you

can easily make money this way as well

as you can see all five of these ways

are legit and they're all very safe

methods they're not like sketchy like

those weird survey sites where you have

to put in your credit card number these

are all legitimate ways you can make

money online and hopefully you guys

found this video helpful that's what I

did if you guys did like this video be

sure to give it a big thumbs up and as

always thanks for watching

my name is IO veau and I'm signing out