How To EARN HIGH INTEREST On Cash In Bank (10%+)

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imagine back 25 years ago when cash in

the bank earned so much interest you

weren't forced to invest into risky

assets that you don't know anything

about well in this video I'm gonna

explain exactly how you can still earn

investment type returns but on cash just

like the good old days so stay tuned


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investing money and just general success

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exactly how to earn these types of

returns on your cash that I'm talking

about and I'm also gonna have this very

helpful tool that I created to track

cash flow and actually you can go

download it in the free link that's in

the description if you want to download

that tool if you don't stick around till

the very end now let's go ahead and just

get right into it so first off making

money with our money it's the most

important thing right we spend a lot of

time learning how to make money a lot of

time focusing on making money but we

don't really spend a lot of time about

what we do with our money afterwards and

so we want our money to be working

harder than we do so our money should be

making money and we're gonna be

continuing to rail on the banks now if

you missed my video from last week where

I railed on the banks I'm gonna put it

up here where we talked about the

conspiracy the banks are trying to steal

our cash but today we're talking about

making money with our cash our monies

making harder and harder and so

continuing on from that theme from last

week the banks are just lowering

interest rates all the way down to zero

they're printing unlimited amounts of

money we talked about that and as they

do that as they inflate the money supply

it steals our value it's basically

taking away the purchasing power the

money is still in the bank but how much

it can buy is gone so they're stealing

the value is still in the purchasing

power of that and the bank that the

government the Fed the central bank's

report that they're trying to keep about

a two percent inflation that means

you're losing about two percent of your

value every year however we all know

it's a much higher than that shadow

statistics says that it's actually about

five or six percent so you need to make

about 5% on your money every month just

to keep up with what it's what it's

losing what they're stealing from you

right so that's just to keep up that's

just to keep even but ultimately we want

to grow it we want we want to you know

make it grow bigger and bigger we wanted

to work hard and so it actually needs to

be making more than 5% to grow right so

if we're making 6%

maybe we made 1% when you adjust it for

inflation now this used to be pretty

easy it didn't used to be that hard now

I'm kind of old so if you're if you're

old like me maybe you remember those

days when you could put money into a CD

at the bank young kids don't even

probably know what a CD is because

nobody really uses them anymore it's a

certificate of deposit I could deposit

money and it would pay me interest I

could just put money in the bank into my

savings account and that would pay

interest and so I could leave it there

and I could earn interest but now

nothing pays interest now again like I

said when I was a kid

if I want to make myself sound old I

mean you could just put a million

dollars in the bank and you could live

off the interest so in 1984 when I was

too young kid you could make 12%

interest on your money in the bank 12%

imagine that in 1990 you could make 9%

interest in 1995 you could make six

point six percent interest now that

doesn't sound like that long ago to me

because I'm old

1995 you can still make six point six

percent interest in the year 2000 you

could still make 6% interest on your

money but today the banks pay out less

than 1% it's like zero point zero point

zero eight percent interest on average

the banks pay out

it's just ridiculous now why is that

right well as we talked about in that

video last week right what the banks are

doing they're pushing interest rates

down to zero but what it's doing is

since I can't just put money in the CD I

can't put money in the bank I'm losing

right I'm losing to inflation what it

does is it forces me it pushes me into

these risky investments right and and

most people don't know anything about

these investments they don't know what

they're doing and so what happens is is

pushing people and to take risk more and

more risk it's also creating these asset

bubbles we're not going to talk about

that if you want to know more about

pushing people into risky investments

and create asset bubbles leave a comment

down below if I have enough comments

I'll make a separate video about that

but the thing is is that investing we

always say that with investing don't

invest what you can't afford to lose so

you know if I can if I have extra money

I can afford to lose it or it's money

that I don't need for a long time it's

like for my retirement then I can put

that away and I can invest it and if I


little bit hopefully I have time to make

it back but what you don't want to do is

you don't want to invest money that you

need money that you're gonna need you

know in to live off of money for

emergencies or money for the short-term

you know I've pounded the table over and

over you need to save at least a couple

of months of expenses living expenses

for emergencies you need to have that I

like to say at least six months I know

it's something that you can work up to

but also for shorter term things so if

you need to get your car fixed soon or

get new tires or buy a new cars and your

daughter off to college or whatever it

may be if there's something that you're

gonna need cash in the near term you

also want to keep that available right

you don't want to send that out where

where it has a risk of losing so we have

this cash that we're saving for

emergencies or we're saving for a short

term but it's losing value right so what

can we do with that so today I'm gonna

show you a new part of the market that

pays almost like dividend or investment

like dividends but on your cash so

that's really cool you guys want to see

that all right now there's a little bit

of a twist it's not exactly cash but

it's kind of like cash so you know that

on this channel I talk a lot about

crypto currencies I mostly talk about

Bitcoin but also crypto currency as a

technology now I can already hear the

drug the size in the back it's it's not

what you think hang on hang on so we're

talking about you you've probably heard

of if you've been hear me talk about

crypto currencies we've talked about

passive income with crypto currencies

and you could state crypto currencies

and earn rewards on that but also

there's like crypto back loans and so

basically I could take my Bitcoin my

aetherium whatever and I could I could

stake it or I could I could put it up

for loans and I could receive interest

on that now what happens is it's kind of

two ways it's it's been done I'll link

to it here there's a there's a there's a

centrally controlled model and then

there's a algorithm controlled model a

couple different ways but basically what

happens is by by using new technology

like crypto currencies they can cut out

the middleman and then you can earn a

higher percentage on that now we have

another part of the market that's not

cryptocurrency specifically but they're

called crypto stable coins and so if

you've heard of that stable coins is

kind of like what Facebook was trying to

come out with where instead of just like


that's just backed by Bitcoin and it's

always moving against the US dollar

these stable coins are always pegged one

to one against the dollar so if you

consider the dollar stable they'll

always be worth a dollar all right now

what happens is you have these

essentially controlled institutions that

are essentially peer-to-peer middlemen

and what happens is is you can give them

your money they'll loan it out at higher

rates and they'll pay it back now before

you just shut this video off let me

explain this is exactly what the banks

do so when your money is in the bank

they're not just holding that for you

they don't just hold your money

therefore when you want to come get it

what they do is they actually

fractionally reserve it so if they take

in a hundred dollars they'll loan out

ninety well that person that got ninety

goes and deposit it and then they're

gonna loan it out and on and on and on

and so they can create ten times the

amount of money on your deposits they're

loaning it out now the average that the

banks make in interest is like seventeen

percent now I know interest rates have

come down and so like home loans are

still really cheap but credit cards are

still really high especially if you miss

a payment they could be seventeen twenty

twenty-five percent interest on credit

cards auto loans are still pretty high

depending on what your credit is the

majority of auto loans are still

subprime so they're so pretty high and

so the banks are still making the same

interest they always were they just

don't pay it to you right Lindy makes a

lot of money then on top of that if you

watch that video I made last week I

talked about how most banks aren't even

actually loaning out to small businesses

and customers retail customers they're

actually invested into these derivatives

market and these in this much more risky

markets now what happens is like I said

so they're still making the same amount

of money but they just don't pay you

anything so they're keeping the whole 17

point spread and so now we have these

new peer-to-peer lenders these new

crypto lenders that are using algorithms

using technology to be able to cut out

the middleman and so they'll still make

the 17% but instead of keeping all 17

they'll pay you out six eight ten twelve

percent all right so that way you can

make a lot more money now I'm not

talking about cryptocurrencies because

if you were to put your money into

Bitcoin or aetherium or any of these

other coins that I like the values are

going up and down right Bitcoin which I

still believe is the best investment

opportunity that we have this volatile

could be worth seven thousand one day

nine thousand other day I'm back to

seven thousand again and that doesn't

work for money that I need in the short

term I put a lot of money into Bitcoin

but I'm playing a really long game so

here's what we can do what we can do is

we can take our cash and we convert our

cash into a stable coin

that's like USD coin true USD die gee

USD there's several types of dollar back

coins that we can do so when I put a

dollar on deposit they give me a dollar

back loan so that crypto token that

stable coin will always be worth a

dollar and then what I do is then I can

put that up for loan on a centralized

lending platform all right now these are

centralized they're a little bit more

controlled in the decentralized one I'm

not gonna get into that if I'm gonna

break that down another video leave me a

comment down below but some of these

centralized lending platforms are

Celsius Blankfein Nexo and crypto comm

and so we can put our money up onto

there Volo nerd out for us they'll

manage all of that and they'll just pay

us the bigger spread the big the bigger

difference like I said it's no different

than what a bank does now any time any

time you do anything there's risk right

there's risk if you do something does

risk if you don't do something there's

risk if you loan your money out there's

risk if you don't loan your money out

right like I said you're losing value

right off the bat so there's always risk

and we want to understand what those

risks are now of course when I put my

money up onto a platform I'm introducing

wrist there's counterparty risk the

counterparty there's now a third party

in between us and something could go

wrong so what we want to do is we want

to understand what those risks are we

want to mitigate that and how we

mitigate that is by doing our due

diligence on those companies we want to

look at the founders we want to look at

who the investors are we want to look at

how much cash they have on hand what

their insurance policies are and so

forth now most of the ones that I've

mentioned I've been using myself

personally I'll talk about that in a

second but what I also like to do is I

like to spread my money around so

instead of putting it all into one

platform maybe I'll divide it up by

three or four and put it across three or

four platforms so I'm spreading my risk

out now

like I said I've been using several of

these I've been doing my due diligence

I've done interviews with several of the

founders of these companies and you can

see them on the channel I've also

interviewed them on the podcast but one

that I've been using recently that

that's pretty cool

is crypto calm now this is not a

sponsored video however I do have an

affiliate link and I'll go ahead and put

in the description if you want to help

me out on the channel you can use that

affiliate link but it's not a sponsored

video but what's what I like about

crypto comm unlike the other ones is

that they gave me this really cool metal

card and I have it's basically it's a

Visa card so I can put my cryptocurrency

I can put my stable coins and I can put

everything on this card and then I can

go around and I can spend it everywhere

that visa is accepted now I travel a lot

and so what's cool is I can take this

card with me use it everywhere get into

airport lounges and all that stuff

that's pretty cool but I can also stake

so using the app I can have my stable

coins my US dollar coins that do not go

up in value up or down in value and then

I can put them up to make money on I can

make 10 12 % maybe even more 12% 16% on

my cash and then as I'm out spending I

can just spend it right from here so

it's like having money in the bank that

I have easy access to but at the same

time I'm earning high rewards so I

really like that I've been using a lot

lately it works pretty good now like

it's not a sponsored video do your own

due diligence my named about three or

four platforms that I've been trying

personally but it's really cool just

think about keeping cash you need to

keep cash for short-term expenses you

want to keep cash for emergency expenses

like I said I like to keep at least

three months if not up to six months

that's what I recommend and I just

believe that once you start building up

your cash and you start getting cash

flow you start earning interest like

what we can do by staking stable coins

it becomes really addictive at least for

me it has and so my goal about a decade

ago was to get my passive income to meet

or exceed my living expenses and once

you can do that you're financially free

you don't have to work for money anymore

it doesn't mean you have to retire but

you're not forced to work and so you

want to start building up that cash flow

and this is a great way to do that you

can earn 10% on your cash instead of

getting these risky investments

now I did tell you at the beginning that

I had this really cool tool I put

together it's a cash flow tracking tool

you can go ahead and download it I'm

gonna link it down below in the

description and basically it's I have a

video that shows you how to use it in a

guide and then it's a sheet that you can

start to put all your different cash

flow in there and you can track your

expenses your monthly expenses and your

cash flow and the goal the object of the

game is to get your cash flow to meet or

exceed those expenses and what's cool

with this sheet is that you can see it

every single month you track it you

enter that number every month you see it

and it becomes a game like I said that

you want to win and so it's worked

really really well for me it's worked

well for a lot of people that I've

worked with and so I want to give it to

you for free so go ahead and download

that down below let me know what you

think are you gonna use us stable coins

u.s. dollars peg stable coins and put it

onto these one of these platforms crypto

comm or some of the other ones that I've

mentioned let me know in the comments

down below and that's it to your success