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first go over to this website which you

have never seen before

and then copy this and paste it right

here after that

you just need today i'm going to show


how to make more than one thousand

dollars every single day

this is free worldwide available and you

don't need any skills

or any experience for this method but

you must watch the video until the end

because there are a few steps that you

need to follow to set this up correctly

but before we start comment down below

what is your biggest goal for this year


let's go to step number one to earn over

one thousand dollars every day

first of all you want to go to


once again this is sendinblue.com

so what is this website this is actually

one of the best tools for email


from this tool we can increase our sales

we can get more traffic to our business

we can do many things from this tool

that's why this tool is absolutely


this is a super valuable tool as you can

see right here

we can do a lot of things by using this

email marketing tool

if someone wants to get more sales on

their business this the best tool which

they can use

because there are lots of things we can

do from this and also

this is not an expensive tool if take a

look at the pricing

we can see that these plans are super

cheap not like other email marketing


this is cheap and they have a free plan

as well the like plan is twenty five

dollars per month

the premium plan is sixty five dollars

per month and that is the most popular


that's what most people are buying but

don't worry

we are not going to do any email

marketing today

you don't need to buy this tool as i

said before

this is a free strategy and no

investment needed

what i want you guys to do is go over to

this website and then read this


read these things and learn more about

this that's step number one

step two after you read these things and

after you learn more about this tool

you need to go back to google.com and


search send in blue affiliate program

once we search it we can

see some results right here you need to

click the first result

the first link send in blue affiliate


click on that link once you click on

that you will be taken over to this page

and this is the send and blue affiliate

program make sure to watch this video

until the end

because this is not like other affiliate

programs this is the best affiliate

program for beginners

later i'll show you why this is the best

for beginners

and why this is way better than other

ones okay

as i said before this is their affiliate

program and now

i want you guys to read these things as

well before we promote this tool

we need to learn everything about this

affiliate program

by reading these things you can learn

many things about send and blue

affiliate program

step number three in this step we are

going to create an account on this


that's actually so easy to do and it's


free first of all i want you to scroll

down a little bit

and then we can see there are three

affiliate programs

number one agencies and consultants

number two bloggers and publishers

number three incubators and vcs

from these three programs what we need

to choose is

bloggers and publishers this is what we

want to choose

so now click on join the blogger program

after that you will be taken over to the

sign up page

before we create an account i want you

guys to take a look at this right here

welcome to the send and blue affiliation

program for bloggers and publishers

start promoting now to earn rewards when

a user

that you refer creates an account on

send in blue

you'll receive 5 euros if that user buys

a subscription

you'll receive an additional 100 euros

this is why i said the send and blue

affiliate program is the best for


even if someone creates a free account

we learn money

we will earn five dollars if someone

creates a free account

and if someone buys a subscription plan

we learn one hundred dollars

we just need only ten people to make one

thousand dollars every day

other affiliate programs don't actually

pay if the person creates a free account

but this platform pays five dollars for

a free account

even if you are a beginner you can make

money from this affiliate program

so now you want to scroll down and then

you can create an account

here first of all enter your first name

then enter your last name enter an email


created a strong password then verify

the captcha

after that click sign up now once you

click sign

up you just want to wait for


but don't worry all of you guys will get

accepted for this

it will take a few hours to get verified

and after you get verified

you can get your own affiliate link step


as i said before once you create an

account on this website

you can get your affiliate link so now

you want to copy your affiliate link

that's step four step number five

in this step we are going to get

targeted traffic to this website

because of that please pay close

attention and don't skip

this step is very important and most

people do this step

incorrectly and if you also do this


you will not make any money from this

pay close attention

first of all i want you to go over to

this website

this is plr free online dot com

again plr free dot once you go to this


you need to choose the email marketing

category i've already chosen the email


as you can see this is how it looks like

all of these ebooks are copyright free


which means we can use these ebooks

without getting any copyright claims

alright now we want to choose an ebook

from these ebooks

there are many ebooks here and i'm going

to choose this one

email marketing for newbies the reason

why i'm choosing this one

is this is for beginners and beginners

are the people who want these kinds of


people who are already doing email

marketing don't need this stuff

because they already have tools and

other stuff so

we need to give this tool to beginners

and now what you want to do is you want

to download this ebook to your computer

you can download this for free by

clicking this download button right here

click this link and download it once you

download it

you want to go over to sejda.com again

sejda.com and then click edit a pdf


then upload that ebook to this website


we can edit this and that's what we are

going to do right now

we are going to add our affiliate link

to this ebook to add our affiliate link

first of all you need to go to the 14th

15th or

16th page so this is the 15th page

and i'm going to add my affiliate link

right here

first you need to click shapes and then

choose a rectangle

after that you need to create a

rectangle right here

now click text and type the best email

marketing tool

easy to use and 100 free

once you've done that add your affiliate

link then now

people who are reading this ebook will

click our affiliate link

because this tool is free and people can

do email

marketing from this tool okay now click

apply changes button and after that

click download to download this

once you downloaded you need to go to go


again go file dot io click upload files

right here

and now upload that file

and now we can get the link of this

ebook if someone clicks this link

they can download that email marketing


first copy this link and go over to


after that search for email marketing


and as you can see right here these all

are email marketing groups

and now you want to join them once you

join these groups

you need to share a post like this email

marketing for newbies

free ebook and then say click here to


and paste your ebook link here once

you've done that

upload an image of that ebook right here

so lots of people will see this post


then that's how you can earn one

thousand dollars every single day

now what you want to do is take action

now you know what you want to do so go

and take action

if you want to learn more money making

methods subscribe and hit the bell


then thank you so much for watching