Earn $10 Per Day Using Your Smartphone

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okay so do you have seven minutes do you

have a smartphone and you want to make

some extra money well in this video I'm

going to walk you through how to do that

how to get it set up how to get

everything rolling

my name is Tyler Pratt and in this video

I'm actually going to show you

everything you need to know in order to

start making some extra cash now Before

we jump into that there's gonna be a

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passive income online now making money

online and making extra money online

it's really again getting good it's

starting to get really fun it's starting

to get exciting for people to jump

online I know for me like 15 years ago

when I was first getting four you know

like 15 20 years ago my first getting

online we had a look around our computer

like a laptop and we had to go and plug

it into like a some point some place

that had a Wi-Fi which was kind of then

you know wasn't a lot of places coffee

houses had Wi-Fi but that's how we were

able to connect and been able to do

things online nowadays you have your

smartphone with you you can totally be

anywhere you want in the world and you

can log in and start doing things online

and start helping businesses and start

helping people online and using your

smart phone you can do it right here

online now there's a lot of companies

out there that have websites they come

online they have products they have

services and they need a lot of help

with you and like myself and what we do

is we use our smartphone and we go and

we do certain things with our smartphone

on their website or on their app ok and

then what we do is we give feedback to

them and and once we get the feedback to

them then you're able to make money now

right here you're gonna be able to make

$10 really quick you don't have to it

doesn't you know take a lot of time but

you can continue to do this over and

over and over again in order to make

more money now if you have a smartphone

though what you're going to be doing is

you're going to be setting up things

online and you're going to be you're

going to be basically testing out

different things on different websites

now I always try to stress to people

that when you do this and you give your

feedback you gotta give

honest feedback about that so you really

gotta have to open up and you gotta say

what's you can't just say like well I

don't like the color I don't like the

way this works things like that you

really have to get in detail on this

because companies will they need that

feedback for me when I have my websites

and I have people that test it and they

use a smartphone user tablets I need to

get good feedback so not so I could make

changes okay so that's what you're going

to be doing with that so let's head over

to the computer and let's jump right

into the website here so what you want

to do is you're gonna go to a website

called for action okay it's fer Pak

Sheng calm okay and then you go up to

the top and says become a tester so what

your going to be doing this and I'm

going to show you a demo here in a sec

of this but what you're gonna be doing

here is you're going to be trying out

different things on different websites

okay you're going to be able to you know

use your smartphone you can travel you

could be wherever you want that's the

cool thing about making money online

right now is that we can you know use

our smartphone we can do things online

at four peckin what they do is they sell

these services to different companies

out there so these are big companies if

we go back to you let's look at the

front here so you look at these big

companies here you got Airbus you got

L'Oreal orange Leroy Merlin BNP okay

there's a lot more Patriot okay so all

of these companies are coming as website

and they're looking for researchers like

us okay and people that have smartphones

that are on the road that want to be

able to test for their different

websites so like Mia the company I'd

come here and I would say okay I need

some people to test my website or I need

somebody be able to test my app but we

are going to become a tester because you

want to be able to earn income through

that so you're gonna click on start

earning so what would once you get

inside you'll see that once you get in

there there's going to be your mobile

phone will be like this and then those

they'll say okay go to this website and

then you got to give your opinion on it

underneath would be a text so right here

this one says and this is an example of

somebody that that's done this before is

this site not optimized for mobile

reading the writing is too small and

categories are not ordered in a way that

makes sense okay so that's a good

feedback that's really good feedback

because that gives that company this

sense I guess it's sent tinel's calm

it gives that company good feedback on

their website so if you look at this one

this one is a kind of e-commerce website

is's at first glance I was overwhelmed

by the amount of information on the page

the layout is confusing and/or the

scrolling banners are distracting this

is really good feedback that company is

going to read that they're going to be

able to make changes and then may you

know make their website better for

consumers and then let's look at this

one so this is the Loreal website says

only a credit card can be used to pay it

would be nice to have other payment

options like PayPal really good feedback

here so pair up

lore'l is a makeup company a lot of

women that are gonna buy from that

website they may want to use PayPal I

know this is a French website right here

and you would just go to that website so

you don't even need to know French

leather obviously this person right here

is responding in English so they don't

know French but they can give feedback

on that website so it doesn't really

matter where you're at as long as you

can give feedback to the website and

they can be able to take that

so now L'Oreal is going to go back and

they're going to make the changes

they'll probably add PayPal to their

website and then the when people use

their websites and consumer come there

and they want to buy stuff they're gonna

be able to use PayPal for that so once

you get signed up and you log into the

account you're going to be able to try

out new things so here's a here is a

mission that was set up for me and this

is this is write an answer below what

made you react design the page is not

optimized difference blocks so this is

an example okay so here here's a website

right here and just come into it it

looks good the the problem and I would

see what this website right here is it

was I would say that the 100% blend

is hard to read because of the

background image okay so that's what I

would say with that the I would say move

the rainbow of flavors

banner up a up a little more okay so

then this looks good um I'm not sure the

coloring scheme kind of matches up so

I'm I would use

better colors boom okay and then you see

it let's let's continue and then it

moves on through the it moves on through

the you know this this testing of this

website okay so once you get done with

that and you move on then that is good

feedback for the website and then

they're gonna be able to you're gonna

get paid for that and you're gonna have

missions they're going to come up that

are going to be coming up so your turn

this is the test of penny juice comm

site okay so these are going to be sites

that you would test you can do this

through your mobile phone and then

you'll be able to respond to that but

once you put it in your text right here

you let's continue and then you move on

to the next one okay so once you get

done with this one you can just move on

to the next one and you continue to do

these now these doesn't take it a whole

lot a lot of time to do this you could

bang through a bunch of these during the

day and then you'll be able to get paid

on that so they're gonna pay out in two

different ways are gonna pay out in

PayPal also they're gonna spay you in

Amazon giftcard if you choose so it's

totally up to you how you want to get

paid on that every Friday they pay out

so you just want your earnings are done

then you'll be able to submit that and

you'll be able to get paid out to your

PayPal account it's really quick it's

really easy and this allows you to to

jump on this website and make some

really really good money so there you go

if you want to get some information on

passive income make sure you hit that

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Tyler Pratt I hope you enjoyed that and

we'll see you on the next one