Turning .01 Penny Into $10,000 USD In 10 Days Challenge

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I'm gonna give myself ten days ten days

to make $10,000 from one penny I will

not use my account following I won't use

any of my businesses that I have now and

using one penny and nothing more to my

name I will try to generate $10,000 if I

am successful and even if I'm not

however however much money I can make by

the end of these ten days hopefully it's

the 10 G's I'm gonna give it away to one

of you guys okay so the goal as you know

it's 10 K in 10 days this is borderline

impossible we should break this down

into little steps like micro steps right

so what are the easiest ways to get the

10 K so we could get I don't know 10

people to pay 1,050 people to pay 200 a

little bit easier I think this is more

balanced out where you don't need that

many yeses you could play a numbers game

where you just reach out to a lot of

people and most people have to

understand if you're a business you

could get a hundred to pay a hundred you

could get 200 people to pay 50 now that

we have the breakdown you could start

trying to figure out where your price

points gonna be like what you're gonna

offer me I probably I would almost

diversify and offer a little bit of each

but out this will probably be my sweet

spot I would say 80% of all the revenue

will come from some sort of product that

I can charge $200 for okay so like I

said all businesses and the most

simplest form is finding a problem

offering a solution people pay you for

that solution so what do we know right

now we need to make this as relevant as

possible to be able to get the 50 people

to say yes right so we know obviously

there's a worldwide pandemic everybody

knows this but 13 million Americans are

unemployed people are fearful businesses

are struggling right now online sales

are on the rise so what I'm doing right

now is what you call brainstorming so

this is where it gets interesting so now

I'm just gonna spit ball ideas hopefully

something hits okay businesses are

struggling we know businesses are

struggling right now that SBA

how that's actually interesting the SB

so a lot of a lot of time so right now

businesses can get loans for their

businesses that you don't have to repay

if you don't fire any employees however

I believe to fill it out it takes about

three hours this is something that we

could probably help Americans with right

we could offer a service where we filled

it out for you for a small fee whether

it let's say 50 bucks and get 200

businesses to say yes not really alright

online sales are on the rise so I was

reading an article that was saying that

online sells especially for stores like

Walmart or Amazon their warehouses are

packed right now sales are on the rise

because people are home like I was even

seeing rappers putting on their stories

that they're just buying stupid things

at this point we're just going online

and buying dumb stuff because they got

nothing else to do well if you're an

online business you could take advantage

of that so what if that is the pitch

that we open with right we go we reach

out to a bunch of online businesses that

have outdated sites I could build

websites for them I've done it from my

other companies right you could build

websites for them there's free programs

like Squarespace and Shopify which give

you a 14-day trial for free so that

means within my ten days for a free

trial to try to build as many websites

as possible website developers I've paid

for website developers they will charge

you up to 20 K if you want like a really

intricate website I could charge each

business and say 200 bucks and try to

get 50 - say yes and then tell them that

if they optimize their website their

sales could probably go up given that

more people are online buying already

and they're probably losing traffic

because the conversions there now we're

helping people we're helping Americans

and we're giving them a product that is

relevancy this one I'm actually a little

excited about that one might be a

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gonna have it linked down below as well

if you guys are interested in that so

step one create a website both Shopify

and Squarespace offer you free 14-day

trial this is pretty much standard and

their industry now this is gonna be very

long I'm gonna probably be working long

hours a lot of emailing there's a lot of

nitty-gritty stuff so I'm gonna be

telling you what I'm doing and then

speeding through the process and showing

you responses and all that stuff because

it could end up being a very long video

I have no idea how long this is gonna be

however the first thing I'm gonna do is

again create a website I just need a

website to show case templates

able to do and since I technically don't

have any client I can create five to ten

different designs that even though I'm

the designs aren't for a specific man or

the brand that I make it doesn't really

exist all they're really seeing as a

client is the potential that I can do

for their storefront how we can look how

much more optimized it's gonna be how

we're gonna make it optimized for the

phone eccentric cetera et cetera so even

if you don't have clients you can just

make fake brands and then create these

templates just so the clients can at

least see your work so that's basically

what we're gonna do and then I'll come

back when I'm done okay I even here in a

bank for this one so I'm finally done it

took me about an hour to complete the

website again I cheated a little bit I

used my own companies as the websites

that I've built and the pictures you can

get great quality pictures online just

make sure they're royalty-free

but this is basically what I got I

called the brand aspect pixel kind of

like you know it's from kind of like

you're changing the aspect of a

mom-and-pop shop business and making it

more modern and pixel cuz you know a

screen is made out of pixels figured

that was it so the cool thing with when

you make up random names like this not

only do they sound cool and professional

but also when you go on to GoDaddy since

they're really random they're really

cheap now this is a five dollar domain

right now what we're gonna do is we're

gonna actually publish this and make it

go live so you right now watching could

probably visit my website if you want it

to so go to pages password oh you got to

be kidding me

so it is a free trial you can build your

website and whatnot however you're not

allowed to publish it which makes no

absolute sense Squarespace

so now for me to go public how much do I

need crap I need twelve bucks

I need seventeen dollars to start this

business I got to figure something out

okay I think I've been at this for hours

okay I think I might have it so I've

been trying to search quick ways cuz I

only have 10 days I need to make this

money as fast as possible and I only

need 17 bucks again I only have a penny

and I cannot use my following so found

this app it's not sponsored by them but

basically it's a stock trading after its

legit everybody's been promoting it and

whatnot I'm not even gonna share you my

own account number because I'm not

looking for your reference but I'm gonna

use it for this instance only we're

basically how it works is if I send one

of my friends a referral link and they

open and fund an account even if it's

only $1 I automatically get a free stock

so that stock can be worth anywhere from

$2 to $500 now my goal is gonna be I'm

gonna send it to every family member

every friend that I have through text

and I'm gonna hope that at least eight

of them open an account and fund at

least five bucks that then is gonna give

me around 17 or maybe even more money to

be able to start this company today

now well I get this going again this is

probably gonna take a day I have no time

to waste so my next step is creating

templates let me explain okay we're back

alright I look a little bit crazy but

that's cuz I've been putting in work now

keep in mind boys that on top of

basically starting a whole new side

poster to make money I am also you know

creating content for TMF we're running

other companies so there's still a lot

of things going on and I'm trying to do

a 10k so this is actually a little bit

harder I also got a family you know so

this gets a little bit tough that's why

I look a little bit crazy

however the websites now fully done I

have cashed in my doc so I'm not gonna

lie I cheated a little bit I used all my

family and I told them to download Weibo

and basically how it works is when you

download it you get a free stock when

you fund did you get a free stock and

then for anybody that downloads and

funds it you get two stocks two to three

stocks per person so you only really

need three to four people to do it and

you're gonna get anywhere from like 25

to up to a thousand bucks depending on

how expensive the stocks is this is how

much I got now I don't have time to sell

them on the market

so I'm just gonna fund myself for the

you know for the purpose of this

challenge however I got the money so now

I was able to buy the domain but the

website is fully done I paid for it as

well at sixteen bucks a month it's up

and running and then on top of that I

also got a personal email so it's a Jose

aspect pixel comm so it sounds more

professional like you know what you're

doing so now comes the nitty-gritty

stuff so I told you I was gonna do

templates and pretty much here they are

they're all in my notes and I got a

template for every stage of the

negotiation process right so I have a

template for when I open up then I have

a template to follow up this is key with

clients you gotta follow up relentlessly

you're gonna feel almost like a needy

guy hitting up a girl except you don't

want to look needy so but I have a

follow-up email and then I have three

different responses right I have a

response for people that say flat-out no

because even those that say no you could

still somewhat convince maybe at a

discounted price if you know what you're

doing I also have a response for people

that are kind of weary like they're on

the fence so my job is to push him over

to the yes and then finally I have a

response for people that are ready to go

these guys they're like the unicorns

they rarely come about but hoping I'm

hoping I get it now my tactic with this

is to go to mom-and-pop shops local

businesses so I'm gonna attack every

local business in Florida like I told

you I'm gonna reach out to thousands of

them because about 50% of local

businesses don't have a website and

those that do aren't optimized so all

I'm gonna do is create the mariebee

modern website that now they can use and

these types of needs to sell online to

hope hopefully mitigate the risk that

they're seeing now that the whole

country shut down so boys now gets

through the Nitty Gritty stuff now that

everything's done I'm just gonna start

sending emails like crazy to every

business you can think of let's go

okay I'm back so this ended up being a

lot longer of a video than I expected

I'm at like 30 minutes I'm still editing

and I'm not done with it so I figured

instead of boring you guys I was going

to just kind of update you at the end

red day 9 now and basically I got a lot

of nose

oh crap load of nose and some people

were asking me to remove them from the

mailing list or to stop spamming them or

even worse I got undelivered emails

because most of these emails were

outdated from businesses that again

don't even have a website

and then after 2 days of constant goes

and rejection I got a yes well let me

show you the email tour now I'm gonna

block all the sensitive information

obviously like her email and stuff like

that in her full name so you guys can't

see all that but I'm gonna show you the

threat it was more of a lukewarm maybe

and this this is gonna be pretty much

80% of all of your clients most of the

time nobody's gonna come out and just

give you a full on yes there's gonna be

some convincing to do at which point I

had a template for every level like I

had told you I had a template for that

follow-up email which would be right

after this which you can see here then

of course she gave me some pushback this

is the the tipping point that I was

talking about where clients are usually

we rewrite that there they're unsure of

investing so much money which again you

have to reassure them and then well she

wanted a call


okay I'm telling you Suzanne this is the

best decision your business just did

okay yeah so I'll send you an email with

next steps and everything that way we

can get started get the ball rolling and

get this as quick as possible so you

could start making some online sales

yeah all right all right have a good one

yes and well after a few emails remember

how I told you projected is about three

emails well I had about a five to six

email chain with her and a phone call

she said yes and that is pretty much how

every client went on from on the day now

here's more bad news I failed miserably

actually horribly I was only able to

rack it a thousand four hundred bucks

which is about seven on average I think

it was like seven yeses now even though

I didn't reach the 10k I still will keep

my word and well I'm gonna give it away

one thousand four hundred that I made

it'll be given to one of you guys I know

it's not a lot but it's more than pretty

much City I could have wasted ten days

and done absolutely nothing or I could

have made about a hundred forty bucks a

day which is what I did it and guarantee

that if the economy was booming and with

at least thirty days I would have

probably got a whole lot closer to that

10k number and with more practice I

would have probably been able to do this

consistently month over a month over

month yeah like I said this is not an

actual business for me I just thought it

would be a really cool challenge to do

for you guys to show you what the

possibilities are out there for you guys

right now that your quarantine is the

stuff that you could do to make some

extra cash on the side so because of

that I'm giving you guys a thousand four

hundred and I'm also gonna actually give

all the money back to the clients I'm

not gonna actually do the websites for

them and all that stuff but I just don't

have the time to do so like I mentioned

I got five different businesses that

we're still running and operating and

functioning and my family and creating

content for you guys so my plates

already falling it's almost impossible

for me to sit down and build ten

websites for ten different companies and

make sure it's perfect for them so

because of that I will be giving them

their money back and also out of my own

pocket for like I promised to you guys

giving you guys whatever I can

so hopefully one of you guys is gonna be

lucky enough to get both 1400 and a

stimulus check which means you're gonna

be banking this quarantine season boys

if you guys want to enter the giveaway

I'm gonna make it super simple honestly

all you got to do is share this video

and comment down below that's pretty

much it I'm gonna pick one of you guys

that's it for me today